Williamson condemns May’s denial of survivors’ request for diverse #Grenfell panel

Theresa May has denied a request by survivors of the Grenfell disaster to appoint a ‘decision-making’ panel to sit alongside its Chair Martin Moore-Bick – in spite of 22,000-signature petition presented to support it.

May’s refusal has been widely condemned, including by Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson, who tweeted in outrage at the Tories’ ‘breathtaking arrogance’:

cw diverse.png


To the survivors – most of whom have still not been rehomed more than eight months after the blaze in spite of May’s promises – this must seem yet another insult heaped on top of injury.

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  1. Theresa May is a despicable, dishonest, nasty excuse for a woman.
    Despicable because she didn’t take time to stand and speak with the survivors of the Grenfell fire.
    Dishonest because she promised to resign if her Party lost six seats at the last GE: Her Party lost 32 seats but managed to take 20, mostly from the SNP. So overall she lost twelve and was unable to form a government. and chose to coalesce with the DUP – the most right-wing, misogynist, anti-LGBT Party in the UK.
    Her refusal to appoint a diverse panel for the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, is proof of how nasty she is. JC4PM

  2. Language is inadequate to describe the total excoriating hatred I have for the Tories, their brutal ideology and the even more brutal practices resulting from it.

    It is therefore no surprise to me that May has refused the Grenfell survivors request to appoint a diverse panel to sit alongside the chair of the enquiry, for to do so would reflect a view that white, upper-class, old Etonian males are not the font of all wisdom. It would instead reflect an alternative view that women, black people and the working class have their own experiences and perspectives that are equally valid, if not more so, than those of the elite.

    By this refusal May has in fact denied the Grenfell survivors their voice and makes mockery of any claim that Britain is a democratic society.

    How much bloody longer will we have to suffer these cruel, punitive and incompetent shits?

  3. The way she – and the rest of those toerag MP’s are carrying on, it’ll be no surprise to me if one of them cops for it off someone they’ve pushed too far. They’re testing the patience of decent people

    Grenfell, the disabled, the poor, the sick, cuts, cuts and more cuts for those least able to cope, while they sneer and victimise & bully and tell you that you should be grateful there are foodbanks, or you’re not really homeless if you’re in temporary accommodation, or have some sort of shelter.

    And they’re all the while insulating themselves (Financially only – there’s plenty of them easily accessible & open to physical attack) from austerity measures that think they’ve a right to pile on those least able to cope, legalised theft.

    And a lot of the time they’re brazen about it. That’s until they’re faced with the stark reality of what they’re doing, then they scurry off back under their rocks for a good snigger, the total shithouses.

    In essence if it DOES happen, I know where my sympathy will lie. It won’t be with the MP’s.

  4. If May had allowed this there would be no cover-up, because you can be assured there is going to be one.

  5. Yes disgraceful by the Tories but perhaps the Tories don’t want the truth to come out. It could be argued Grenfell was a consequence of local and national Tory Neo-Liberal policy. The message should ring out loud and clear: TORIES – DIVERSE WORKING CLASS LIVES ARE NOT CHEAP! Tories Out in 2018!

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