Video: SKWAWKBOX and left media force MSM to engage with #CorbynPeaceAward

Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson just finished his appearance on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme to discuss the ‘media blackout’ of the news about Jeremy Corbyn’s award from the International Peace Bureau (IPB).

That ‘blackout’ would almost certainly still be in place if the award had not gone viral on social media after the SKWAWKBOX, followed by other ‘new left media’ (NLM) outlets, broke the story last weekend.

Williamson is a strong media performer and made the key points about the award and the ensuing MSM silence forcefully:


Countering the establishment’s attempts to undermine the silence by undermining the stature of the award, Williamson pointed out:

  • that the MSM had given extensive coverage to Theresa May putting a star on a Christmas tree and to William and Kate receiving a Blue Peter badge
  • that the IPB is a venerable organisation with a history significantly longer than the Nobel organisation – and inspired the creation of the Nobel awards
  • that Corbyn hadn’t trumpeted the award because he doesn’t brag about any of his achievements
  • the disparity in the way Corbyn’s award was (not) covered and the type of coverage that would be given in a similar situation involving Theresa May
  • and that Corbyn’s position as the head of the official Opposition is what makes the award newsworthy, not just the award itself (which shows the error of FactCheck’s attempt to explain away the silence on the basis of the award only occasionally being mentioned in UK media before)

This was a conversation shown on national television that would not have taken place had it not been for the NLM and its supporters on social media.

As an example of the way in which they can change the national political narrative, especially when supported by the parliamentary left, it’s a clear encouragement for those who want to see genuine change in this country – and makes clear why the Establishment and its media are desperately attacking them and the social media platforms that facilitate the spread of the message.

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  1. So Glad that Williamson was allowed SMS platform for this (eventually). Keep on pushing SKWAKBOX!

  2. Quite disappointed – but entirely unsurprised – by gisela stuart’s ‘input’ on the matter.

    Anyway, don’t expect this to be any sort of ‘Damascene moment’ for the beeb – Nowt’ll change while it’s run & staffed by those public school failures.

    Go licence free. Then – and ONLY then – will the clique infesting the organisation get the message when the well runs dry…

  3. Jo Coburn rather gave the game away with her last comment.

    It is clear that, having been completely humiliated and having its political bias exposed for all to see, the BBC finally had to cover the story in order to provide itself with a defensible position of “but we did cover it!”.

    True enough, but it took the BBC almost a week to do so. When you consider that the BBC has a heavily resourced news department and the fact that we live in a 24 hour news cycle, this is clearly a cynical attempt by the BBC to mask its biased political reporting.

  4. Good one Chris, everything you said is the truth!
    Do those on the right think, if they keep lying, the left will collapse?
    Stop, The Press, Labour Left, has won the General Election, Jeremy Corbin is now the Prime Minister!
    Hold that thought!
    Stop, The Press, a complete BLACKOUT by the MEDIA on the RIGHT!

  5. I watched it on Daily Politics this morning. CW asked Coburn DIRECTLY when she personally had heard about the peace award but she ignored the question.
    That little gem has been edited out of every clip I’ve seen since.
    Makes one wonder how far they and the Tories are prepared to go to subvert democracy.
    Just kidding. I know they’d stuff ballot boxes to win.
    For the good of the country of course.

  6. One point that Chris Williamson could have made and emphasised, is that the BBC is a public broadcaster paid for by US and that whatever the rest of the MSM do is immaterial to any discussion. The BBC has a mandate to educate and inform the public and because of their institutional right wing bias, they completely failed on this and on many other issues.

    Joe Coburn instead of sneering and trying to laugh it off should remember who she works for!

  7. A great post,well done..
    I hate having to pay for a tv license
    (as we may all do) the only time I watch BBC is for PMQs on Wednesdays. I’ve not bought a newspaper of any type for well over 25 years..
    Thank You

  8. Well done Steve, the BBC are aware now they can’t ignore you, you are the real news and they know it.
    The excellent Chris Williamson rammed the point home, the BBC will cover non events like Theresa May’s star on a Christmas tree, but a peace award in Geneva was not seen as news, simply because it did not fit in to the smear campaigns they constantly run against him.

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