Changing the narrative: Chris Williamson to appear on BBC re Corbyn’s award

williamson bbcdp
Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson on a previous Daily Politics programme

Labour’s Shadow Fire and Rescue Minister Chris Williamson will appear on the Daily Politics programme at noon today on BBC2 to talk about Jeremy Corbyn’s award last week from the International Peace Bureau (IPB).

The ‘MSM’ ignored the award completely until the news went viral after being broken by the SKWAWKBOX and picked up by other ‘new left media’ (NLM) outlets – and right-wing trolls and sockpuppets were forced to try to discredit the award in an attempt to undermine its significance.

Another example of the way in which the NLM change the political narrative and force issues that the Establishment ignores into the mainstream view and conversation.

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  1. Same old attitude of contemp off Jo pouting Coburn.
    They completely forget that the BBC is payed for by the public.
    Only minutes early she said to the Tory MP, that going against the government, are you not helping a Marxist into number 10.
    The only way of changing the BBC is by representation of the country, but that will never happen until the Tories who have got control of it are fired, hopefully by a future Corbyn led government.

  2. Jo Coburn was thoroughly dishonest on Daily Politics throughout the interview – trying to imply that reporting on such an award couldn’t be expected without a request from Labour HQ.
    Like they wait for an invitation to report and distort and spin everything that could possibly hurt JC. Or fawn over May.
    Disappointed that CW was too polite to press her on his question, “When did YOU know about the award?”
    I’d bet that internal emails on the matter exist – sadly I have no idea how to make a freedom of information request.

  3. On another like question. Has SKWAWKBOX considered how the Grenfell tragedy is being covered by MSM’s. Big coverage by the Beeb in St Paul’s, politicians and Royalty keenly attending but not a peep about the Silent March tonight by the people of Grenfell. It makes one realise what the agenda is and what chance there is of those still homeless getting justice.

    Not much.

    Alan Watts

  4. I viewed, DP today, they had a MZ GEEZER on, who couldn’t give a truthful answer about Jeremy’s award!
    Chris, couldn’t get either Jo Coburn or the Geezer to Reply to his truthful remarks about the media and their BLANK COVERAGE!
    Before that, they had a Tory Minister on, who voted with Labour, she, Coburn was like a woman scorned, Geezer was the same!
    Talking like, she was the one, he voted against!
    Not only that, she even intimated, he was a poor excuse for a Tory!
    The air in my house turned RED, not blue!
    What a hypocrite this woman is!
    Another Labour backbencher, on the right, who puts her mouth in gear, before, she engages her brain!

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