Most interesting thing about Momentum electoral investigation? The media coverage

The media are reporting this morning that the Electoral Commission (EC) is investigating a possible breach of spending rules by Momentum.

The most interesting thing about this is this:

The media are reporting this morning that the Electoral Commission is investigating a possible breach of spending rules by Momentum.

It took the BBC just 39 minutes from the EC’s announcement to carry its first report on the matter:

bbc mom.png

Some other media outlets were trumpeting the news even before the EC’s announcement, but the BBC’s response is the most significant – because of the enormous contrast between its reaction time this morning and its slow and negligible response to Tory election fraud revealed by the Channel 4 investigation into the Tories’ election canvassing via Blue Telecoms.

Which is still the subject of a ‘significant’ police investigation but has barely been touched by BBC News:

c4 ec signif.png

If Momentum has breached any electoral rules, the EC investigation will identify it and will impose the appropriate penalty – up to the maximum £70,000 that the Tories were already fined earlier this year for their own spending breaches:

ec tory 70k

That’s as it should be. However, even the EC as yet has no evidence of any wrongdoing by Momentum – as the EC’s own tweet this morning made clear:

ec momentum tweet.png

It’s also worth noting that the EC investigated Momentum last year, too – and came up blank:

ec 2016.png

This new investigation may also find no credible evidence – or it may not. But the most interesting thing right now is how the whole ‘MSM’ estate is swarming all over this and the contrast with the response of most of that same estate to the far bigger Tory election allegations – which are still being investigated by police.

That’s interesting because of the volumes it speaks about mainstream media investigations – and especially the bias of the BBC and its subordination to the Tory party’s desperate agenda to find something, anything, that might tarnish Jeremy Corbyn.

Which this won’t, of course, as Corbyn doesn’t control Momentum and is not responsible for its actions – but it’s already plain that the MSM agenda is to damage him and an organisation that campaigns effectively for him.

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23 responses to “Most interesting thing about Momentum electoral investigation? The media coverage

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  2. Sadly, most people are influenced by media, but all appears controlled by the establishment.

    This means the public never know what is actually happening.

    They naturally think, well if all these people were dying in mental hospitals, or the old/autistic/vulnerable were being locked up against their will and used as commodities for private profit we would know about it.

    If children/babies were being removed from parents for profit someone would whistleblow.

    Look at the MPs expenses and Hillsborough they were exposed they will retort, this appears the mindset.
    But journalists are controlled by their editors, and all news is fed by the centre.

    We get a diet of terrorism, mental health , sexual offences, historical diversions and Trump and Corbyn smears.

    And as the social media revelations increase, we are told not to read blogs, twitter etc as its dangerous fake news .

    So how is anyone to know what is happening ?

    Thank you for this and trying to open people’s eyes.

      • That’s the point, its totalitarianism, look at facts if you can get them.

        Why does everyone hate on Trump, not a single even neutral, all is negative daily, if it were Hilary we would have sexism etc to shut all criticism up if any were allowed ,

        We now have third way globerlisation and censorship, 1984 Newspeak to promote a single agenda and that is control of population, media by monopoly corporate power. We are no longer even allowed an opinion let alone the means of expressing it that is not a good thing and its getting worse.

    • Excellent response. However, you forgot to mention sports reporting which is given an inordinate amount of time, particularly on BBC News.

  3. We know what their agenda is. And we know how corrupt they are – politically and morally.

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  5. In the midst of all this tory toady Nick Robinson has the nerve to criticise RT for being in the Kremlins pocket.

  6. This sort of thing – the investigation and associated media clown-act – is to be expected, especially now that “Real Labour” are starting to feel the pinch of democratic accountability: if you’re taking flak, it’s because you’re over the target!

    The most fitting and empowering response the left can make is to redouble its efforts to hold the right to account for its seemingly habitual misconduct – they’re up to their eyebrows in election rigging, financial irregularity and the suppression of sexual misconduct investigations.

    There’s dirt enough to run the worst offenders out of town without even getting creative. The rest are so unpopular that they’re doomed by democracy alone, a fact they seem all too aware of.

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  8. We don’t have an MSM or as some call it corporate media… we have a ‘ministry of truth’ with flagship operator BBC at the helm.

  9. Saw part of the C4 Blue Telecom expose – appeared to be pretty damning evidence of a deliberate and concerted Tory conspiracy to pervert election law.
    The wheels of the police investigation seem to be grinding exceeding slow – could be they’re making sure ALL the guilty go to jail – on the other hand whitewash does take a lot of stirring.

  10. Thank you, Steve, for continuing to prove how necessary the SKWAWKBOX is in countering the misinformation and omissions in the MSM.

  11. It is interesting Ive felt for a while that the Tories & msm were coordinating attacks on Labour yet was unable to prove it, watch how BBC hosts all use similar questions when Labour MPs appear on beeb shows

  12. As soon as this appeared on the TV News, I thought, wow, is it me ? They seem to be ALL over this ?? Unlike the Tory election frauds,which BBC sort of coughed and mentioned quickly in one word……. after a while. I didn’t realise the police investigation was still ongoing either.

    Good job you’re here Skwawks to answer me questioning my own sanity, thank you.

    DM above, “whitewash does take a lot of stirring” I like that. :o)


  14. We need not worry too much. The arbiter of press balance and integrity
    Graham Hideperson is bound by his duty as a fine upstanding citizen to complain about this to the Board of Governors. His ego bolstered by his recent ‘victory’ with Impress. Where are you Graham in our hour of need? Oh dear, I forgot you will very busy this festive season informing on benefit criminals. Add a few illegals in your local Indian takeaway. You’re bound to be exhausted by the new year. HO HO HO!

  15. The Sun is a core part of The Establishment’s propaganda machine, and that’s why their coverage of the Momentum story, for example, is littered with terms like ‘hard left’ and ‘leftie’ and ‘Momentum mob’. In complete contrast, when the Daily Mirror reports on The Tories breaking EC rules, it reports it factually and devoid of derogatory labels.

    One is a newspaper reporting on the political sphere impartially, and the other is a black propaganda rag distorting and denigrating and smearing those that want to create a fairer and more egalitarian society.

    I just this minute checked out the Daily Mail’s coverage of the Momentum story, and IT strongly implies that Momentum spent three times as much as it was legally entitled to do (by conflating how much Momentum received in donations at the time – ie #120,000 – which of course could just be a figure the DM has invented, but even if Momentum DID receive that amount in donations at the time, does that therefore mean they used it all during the election campaign. Of course it doesn’t, but then that’s the Daily Mail for you, lying and fabricating and decieving it’s readers on a daily basis:

    And I’ve now just checked the Daily Express coverage, which is surprisingly non-vitriolic – apart from one mention of ‘hard left’, but their shills more than make up for that in the Comments section, as they always do when it comes to anything related to Jeremy Corbyn:


  16. Ok I fess up, I bought a packet of bourbons to one meet and didn’t keep the receipt.

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