Here’s Dugdale saying Dorries would be ‘dumped’ for I’m a Celebrity appearance

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has caused controversy by the announcement – which overshadowed the result of the contest to elect her successor – that she would appear as a participant on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

In 2012, when Tory MP Nadine Dorries appeared on the same show, here’s what Ms Dugdale had to say about it:

kd dorries.png

Some have been calling for Ms Dugdale to step down or be removed because of her appearance on the show and she has been criticised for rescinding a pledge to donate ‘any and all’ fees for outside activities to charity in time for her trip to Australia.

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour has a new leader with a vision and a job to be getting on with.

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  1. I do not believe that appearing on “I’m a celebrity” is cause for suspension – though it shows misjudgement and in this particular case hypocrisy. However Dugdale should actually be expelled for her offence during GE2017 of telling people to vote Tory to keep the SNP out, which was a flagrant breach of clause 1 of the Labour Party constitution.

    1. I agree in principle but why anyone would want to participate in a humiliating, fantasy, voyeuristic Capitalist entertainment show is beyond me. Showing my age I suppose.

  2. Two faced disgraced Dugdale should be ditched by Labour. The under-performing, loser of Scotland, neoliberal has given Labour a gift on a plate…

    1. TV is even cheaper than I suspected. I mean, what is Kezia Dugdale’s claim to fame? That she oversaw the complete loss of a country (politically) and told supporters to vote CONSERVATIVE? Ffs.

  3. And ‘Dumb Britain’ will STILL watch the garbage (and the ‘highlights’) every night; as well as read about it in the rags…They’ll spew their bile when their personal favourite gets the boot.

    They’ll prattle on inanely about someone eating a lizard’s turd (or what have ya) like it was a breakthrough in human history; worthy of every civic, scientific and military award ever created.

    They’ll spend a few quid voting every night on premium-rate phone lines…But when it comes to the things that REALLY affect them


  4. What are the chances of getting Laura K on it, too?
    And then let them get on with it.

  5. Is she going to join the SNP? It would make sense. Her resignation must have neatly coincided with accepting the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ offer and her announcement was pretty well timed to try and eclipse Richard Leonard’s success.

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