Leonard win marks ‘total reset’ of Scottish Labour

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New Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard

The election of Richard Leonard as Scottish Labour leader this morning is a huge milestone for the party both in Scotland and UK-wide. The election of a left-wing, pro-Corbyn Scottish leader with his own radical agenda signals what Labour insiders have called a ‘total reset‘ for the Scottish party – and cements the pro-Corbyn majority on Labour’s UK National Executive Committee (NEC).

Both are vital. The Labour right was pinning its hopes of thwarting Corbyn on the NEC on a Sarwar win. Labour’s resurgence in Scotland, which began under Corbyn in June but was hampered by the uninspiring leadership of Leonard’s predecessor – but with a leader who marks a complete break with Scottish Labour’s Blairite torpor, both the SNP and the Tories will be worried today, whatever their respective leaders might say to pretend otherwise.

The victory margin was substantial, with Leonard receiving 57.6% of votes overall and winning both among party members and union affiliates:

scot result.png

Leonard’s bold victory speech will be music to the ears of many voters in Scotland:

The appetite of Scottish people for a bold, transformative vision for the country was shown in Labour’s gains in the General Election. In Leonard, Labour members have elected a leader who can help carry the party forward and change the political narrative.

The job has, of course, only just begun. The party in Scotland needs the same root and branch change that has started in England – and the voting split, which closely matched the division of CLP nominations, will also be encouraging for those wishing to see the grassroots-left, pro-Corbyn slate of Garnham, Dar and Lansman elected to the three new NEC places to help carry that process forward throughout the UK.

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  1. Congratulations to the newly elected leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Richard Leonard MSP. A positive outcome for true Labour.

  2. Congratulations Richard.

    This provides further evidence that the watered down Toryism centrists are losing their destructive control over the Labour Party.

    Now we can focus on winning a healthy majority at the next General Election, whenever that may come, without carrying the dead weight of the electorally toxic centrists in the party.

  3. Now we can focus on winning a healthy majority at the next General Election, whenever that may come, without carrying the dead weight of the electorally toxic centrists in the party.

    As long as they’re there, the ‘centrists’ will cause ructions. I very much doubt they’ll even get the message Richard Leonard’s victory sends. Instead, I feel they’ll be looking now towards ever more snide ways of disruption & division, such is their wont.

    They’re a canker that needs cutting out altogether.

    Kudos to those what voted (correctly) for Leonard and, congrats to him on his victory. Onwards & upwards…

    1. Yes, the right wing will continue to attempt to sabotage the Labour Party.

      But they are rapidly losing control of the party’s single most powerful body, the NEC. If the three pro-Corbyn membership candidates also win places on the NEC it will be imperative to make the move to purge the corruption that is being routinely practised by the right wing of the party.

      If, immediately following the capture of the NEC, Corbyn does not move against the right wing by removing McNicol from the role of General Secretary and investigating the corrupt compliance unit and the corrupt officials in regional, then any Labour General Election victory will be hollow as a Labour government will be undermined at every turn by the right wing.

      The success of the Labour programme for government depends upon the rapid and relentless purging of corruption from the party.

      It will be a bloody war but it is best it is done quickly and mercilessly.

      Governmemt is a matter of trust. Labour cannot be trusted to govern until it roots out the corruption within.

      The membership will stand shoulder to shoulder with the leadership to win that critical battle.

      At this time it is important that people like you join the fray, Toffee.

      1. When that purge finally happens, I’ll join the party. Not before!
        As ever, well said IA…

  4. We who were characterised by the media as the ‘far left’ are now in fact main stream Labour, whereas those who were called the ‘moderates’ are actually on the (destructive) right wing.

    Socialism is coming home – at last.

  5. Many party members in Wales are so very pleased about the Scottish result.

  6. Great win! With previous useless Leader we had a Tiny Move Left, Tiny Gain and mainly thanks to Jeremy Corbyn’s Scottish rallies! . Hopefully with Richard we will have Big Left, Big Gain! Labour in England and Scotland are now led by left wing democratic socialists and we stand for transforming the UK as an example to the World! Come on Welsh Socialists catch up with history? X

  7. Congratulations to Richard, his team and everyone who supported his leadership bid.

    There’s still a huge amount to do – I’m 100% behind Internal Affairs’ view of what should happen next – but this is great news from every angle.

  8. Nevermind, Kesia’s gone off to join ‘I’m a celrity egt me out’ – obviously highlights her level of intelligence and nous

  9. Could someone please tell Mike Sivier on Vox Politics that a bug is stopping us seeing his blog. Dirty tricks I guess

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