Right just can’t get make its mind up about the SKWAWKBOX


The Establishment’s inner conflict about the SKWAWKBOX continues. Last Thursday, the risible IPSO decision to support a ‘news’paper whose editor recently used to be chair of IPSO was used by desperate outlets including the higher-end of the Murdoch press to imply that this was an ‘official’ assessment that this blog promotes ‘fake news’. The gutter end of the media spectrum was also keen to make similar claims.

The very next day, when the SKWAWKBOX exclusively published Kelvin Hopkins’ formal statement on new allegations against him before those allegations were even public, many of the same people showed no hesitation in making predictions of what was to emerge based on what we had published.

On Thursday, we were called fake news and on Friday we were a solid source for predictions of what was about to – and did – happen. To the same people.

Almost enough to make you think that the ‘fake news’ smears are cynically-motivated…

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  1. How ironic that these ‘fake news’ smears have themselves been proven to be fake news. I suspect that many more people are now reading and enjoying this blog because of it.

  2. What’s the odds hindson’s chewing his furniture in frustration right now; desperately trying to think of a comeback??

    “D notices….snzrearkghhthrudslbmj….More D notices…..gjuhwqafvxcghyr…”

  3. Most of the mainstream media have the morals of a stoat.
    I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could kick them.
    On the other hand, don’t forget that they are utterly incompetent – most have only a handful of seasoned journalists, while the rest are mostly interns, low-paid press-release churners, and the privileged sons and daughters of the editor and his/her pals.
    ‘Columnists’ – invariably the worst of the crowd, as they can ignore the truth – are almost invariably from the third group, trusted to back the editor’s view almost by instinct.
    They couldn’t come up with a conspiracy in a month of Sundays – their
    output simply reflects their shared tory values, and their desperation to sell more copies.If that means spreading lies and contradicting yesterday’s stories, why would they care? They wouldn’t.

  4. I’ve been reading your blogs for many years. I don’t think I have come across one that has then been proven to be ‘fake news’.
    You and others like you have them running scared and probably a big factor in the lack of sales the tabloids are now suffering.
    Keep it up 😉

  5. I stopped buying MSM in 2010 as austerity took a chunk at my income 7 years forward I have never looked back and now of the view I would never by them again as the NLM has woken me up and made me realise there is always two sides to every story one is baloney and one is truth.

    NLM report for there reader base MSM report what thy think sells and truth never enters the equation.

    Keep up the good work Steve as many can see right though there baloney

    1. “I stopped buying MSM in 2010”

      Wise choice, Leon. I recommend everybody unhappy at the quality of the MSM does the same. Especially those feeling the pinch. Easily get what you require on t’interweb.

      Last time I bought a newspaper (The ‘i’) it was 20p. That was about 3 or 4 years ago. I think it’s 60p now.

      Five days a week = £3, or £156 per year…And that’s before factoring in the cost of the weekend rags.

      Tv licence = £147(?). Nope, absolutely not, under ANY circumstances.

      Sky/Virgin – Hahaha, as if.

      Over £300 p/a saved, which pays for my i/net – and I get to choose what news I read and what programmes I watch (Not that I watch much Tv because even that’s full of crap, too).

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