Excl: Tottenham exec refers itself to NEC over Kober anomalies


Last week the SKWAWKBOX reported membership anomalies and a questionable selection meeting in the Seven Sisters ward of Tottenham CLP (constituency Labour party), surrounding the reselection of controversial council leader Claire Kober as a Labour candidate for the May 2018 local government elections. Ms Kober has faced huge criticism from residents and a no-confidence motion by councillors because of her involvement in the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) property development project.

Now the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that, in a dramatic move, the Tottenham CLP ‘executive’ has referred itself to Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) for investigation over the suspicious events, following the SKWAWKBOX’s exposé.

This investigation may yet bring hope of to those Haringey locals campaigning for the termination of the HDV project.

The ‘exec’ has sent the following email to members:

Yesterday the Tottenham Executive Committee (EC) Officers held an emergency meeting due to a large number of concerns raised by members following the Seven Sisters shortlisting meeting and subsequent media and social media reports.

Upon reading the media claims, we felt the what is being suggested is of a serious nature and potentially breached the following Labour Party rules:

‘Appendix 2.1a.iv
The party is, however, concerned that no individual or faction should recruit members improperly in order to seek to manipulate our democratic procedures.’
as well as:

‘Appendix 2.1a.v
The health and democracy of the Party depends on the efforts and genuine participation of individuals who support the aims of the Party, wish to join the Party and get involved with our activities. The recruitment of large numbers of ‘paper members’, who have no wish to participate except at the behest of others in an attempt to manipulate Party processes, undermines our internal democracy and is unacceptable to the Party as a whole.’
Membership of a local Labour Party is the responsibility of the Executive Committee (EC) of a CLP.

Given the suggestions being made, we as EC Officers strongly believe that it is inappropriate for a CLP to investigate itself and have written to Iain McNicol (General Secretary); Ian Lavery (Chair of the Labour Party) and the NEC to request the matter (including ourselves) is externally investigated by the NEC.

We appreciate that this is an unusual step, but strongly believe you as members require a response and that response should be based on the matter being fully and objectively examined with all facts ascertained.

We believe an investigation is a neutral act which does not imply guilt or accuse any person(s) of wrong doing.

We believe requesting an external investigation is the most professional and robust way forward to ensure you have full confidence in the local government selection process and all concerns are responded to.

It is important for all parties that this matter has a conclusion.

We are very firm in our belief as EC Officers that we are elected by you as Tottenham Labour Members and are fully accountable to you as Tottenham Labour Members. Therefore, we hope you support our decision to refer ourselves for investigation.

We hope you also understand that we cannot at this stage confirm or deny any reports in the media of action that we may or may not have taken in regards to this matter in the last 12-18 months or answer any questions of that nature.

We will fully co-operate with the investigation if our request for one is met.

Kind Regards (EC Officers of Tottenham CLP)

This is the second time in a couple of days that Labour proceedings in London have been postponed or challenged after the publication of member allegations in the SKWAWKBOX, following the postponement of Lewisham Deptford’s AGM following complaints by branches about the delegate selection processes.

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  2. Kudos to you Steve for achieving this; “the Tottenham CLP ‘executive’ has referred itself to Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) for investigation over the suspicious events, following the SKWAWKBOX’s exposé.”
    Another scoop for the inestimable SKWAWKBOX.


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