Here’s DWP’s Gauke encouraging companies to put profits in #TaxHavens

Corporate enabler David Gauke

The story of Runcorn woman Elaine Morrall, who died cold and alone in a house she only heated when her children were home from school – after being sanctioned by the DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) for missing an appointment while she was in intensive care – has gone viral today, as social media users equally appalled and supportive wept over her mother’s letter to councillors about Elaine’s terrible ordeal and tragic death.

Meanwhile, Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke, the man responsible for the department that ‘sanctioned her to death’, as one Twitter user described it, has featured in a Private Eye article – encouraging corporations to put their profits into tax havens to avoid paying tax on them.

The man responsible for the ‘conscious cruelty’ and ‘government murder’ inflicting anguish on millions, when he was Tax Minister just after the Tories took office, was busy creating a ‘roadmap’ to ease the passage of billions out of the country – while his predecessor Iain Duncan Smith was already making his own plans to impoverish our most vulnerable.

At the same time, tax lawyer Jolyon Maugham has revealed that HMRC hasn’t bothered taking a simple step that would secure around £200 million in taxes from ‘taxi’ firm Uber.

It’s been a day of grief and compassion on the part of human beings that has set the inhumanity of the Tories in even starker contrast than usual.

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  1. Toe rag Tories Tax dodging scum , on an industrial scale , screws over the UK population yet again .

    1. The narrative needs to change.

      The MSM ought to start calling the toerags, big business, hamilton, bono, et al the scroungers.

      Oh, hang on… Well maybe not the MSM, but perhaps a few in the labour party who aren’t Dennis Skinner. The message needs to be hit home.

      Continue with this truth like the toerags have perpetuated the lie about people on benefits and it won’t be long before the narrative changes. But it’ll take a concerted, collective effort.

  2. Another fine example of the tories control of pain relief – it’s been going on for nearly 8 years AND still nothing happens – WHAT is the labour party for if not to OPPOSE THIS????

  3. How can those responsible for this disgusting scenario they created on D,W,P. They cant say they sleep at night. If they do it proves they are not human. Do they realise people are now dying because of what they have created. Where are these promises to help the people and give them what they are entitled to. Not rob them and help splitting up families. Denying pensioners and disabled people of what they are entitled to. Love is where your heart is, you can never mend a brocken heart. Those that created this P,P,P and Universal Credit have brocken a few hearts. They are all bringing this country down. Quicker we get an election. Get people in that We can trust to stand up for us on what they say on their policies for us all. One thing I would like to see Is. Any one of those who thought of this change over. Lets See if thay can live of what we get. Not live a life of luxury and big wages. They all get their rise not taken away. Think because Your are on your way out.

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