Cancelled Cabinet: Tories give up running the country to run for cover

Holy Grail Run Away

This government – for want of a better word – has shown itself completely shameless in terms of its willingness to break centuries of precedent to cling to power.

From the unprecedented delays to the Queen’s Speech to allow May time to grovel to the DUP and shake the Magic Money Tree for a damaging £1 billion bung, to May lying to the Queen to eke out more time for the same, to the government’s ‘whipped’ running away so it can try to claim it didn’t lose votes because it didn’t bother to vote, to Ministers’ refusal to come to the House to answer questions – the Tories will take any step, no matter how humiliating and craven, to hide from the consequences of their absolute incompetence.

But today’s news that the Tories had effectively abandoned trying to govern marks a new low in their cesspit-diving.

This morning, the Cabinet – the most senior government ministers – was due to have its regular meeting to discuss, well, governing the country.

But such is the Tories’ abject chaos – with at least three of the most senior ministers under pressure to resign – that Theresa May simply cancelled the meeting in the desperate hope of limping through to the imminent parliamentary recess and a brief respite:

cancel cab.png

With even a senior Tory source admitting anonymously to the press the other day that there is no government and no leadership, it seems the only tactic left to Theresa May is to keep running – for cover, not the country.

However, she and her ‘studio lot’ government – only front, with no substance behind – will face a tough last day before recess after the announcement of the urgent questions that Labour has been granted:

  • Brexit impact assessments: 12.30pm
  • DFID Secretary’s Israel meetings: 1.15pm
  • Yemen humanitarian situation: 2.00pm

With the Tories still squirming over the release of Brexit impact statements, Priti Patel’s cover-up of secret meetings during a ‘holiday’ in Israel and the continued sale of arms to Saudi Arabia that are being used to kill Yemeni civilians, the Tories face a torrid afternoon before they reach that longed-for recess.

Assuming any of them turn up, of course.

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  1. This is not democratic governance it is autocratic cabalism. When is the labour party going to declare a vote of no confidence and get these treasonite lackies OUT?????

    1. Unfortunatelly there are strict rules where a vote of no confidence can be called for..since the Tory Lib/Dem coalition ie’ from http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2011/14/section/2/enacted
      if the motion is passed on a division, the number of members who vote in favour of the motion is a number equal to or greater than two thirds of the number of seats in the House (including vacant seats).’ Its unlikely Labour could achieve Tory rebel support of the magnitude required

      1. Yeah your right, need a,few by elections victories for Labour to get close to as ling this government.

        May must be checking that none of her backbenchers shuffle off down to Satan’s Liar.

  2. UK and majority of it’s citizens are left fully exposed to the meat grinder of the financialized economic and corporate orientated state structures, deregulations with accompanying legal mechanisms banker/accounts/financial/monopolistic interests drew up during the decades long cross party ‘centrist’ egregious neoliberal Capitalist era.

    The politicians tasked with running the country and protecting and serving the interests of British people have de facto jumped the plundered, sinking ship… is there such a thing as a ‘banana’ Constitutional Monarchy?

  3. They won’t last long….But every day they’re allowed in they use to take the p1$$ – aided & abetted by the ‘meh’ attitude of the general public and the MSM’s bollocks.

    You try to talk to people about this in the street or the alehouse and they look at you like you’re from outer space ffs.

    I’m starting to think a lot of people are getting what they deserve.

    1. I am afraid your right there Toffee mate but whats even worse, is otherwise intelligent people are brainwashed by the MSM bollocks.
      They take the crap churned out by those intellectual pigmies and so-called journalists as gospel.They can’t or don’t’ accept they are being manipulated. Even a child could see through the printed lies and outrageous bias of BBC reporting. Maybe it’s confirmation bias or Dunning Kruger syndrome. I even had a new family acquaintance say to me, on first meeting, ‘ I was reading Quentin Letts’……READING QUENTIN LETTS! … for f**ks sake what hope is there. I guess the rest of the time he reads Enid Blyton and laughs at the gollywogs.
      Probably not. It’s more likely to be Sara Vain or Richard Littlebrain.
      Uh oh, that rhymes almost. I had better have a lie-down and read the quotes of Alf Garnett and copy them to Peter Hitchens et al.

  4. The UK’s imperial past is shameful enough yet we continue to sell arms to oppressive regimes and enable their leaders and the super-rich of the world to hide their cash & corruption in our tax haven dependencies and overseas territories.
    AI/robotics is about to create opportunities for the 1% to increase their control – or for us to take it all away from them and build a socialist Utopia.
    Would you all mind very much if we kick off while I’m still alive?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Hey Skwarkbox, Namaste

    ‘With even a senior Tory source admitting anonymously to the press the other day that there is no government and no leadership…’ – was there ever a real government in the first place? If so where did that one go…did it run away as well?

    The Monty Python theme continues:

    TORY MAITRE D: Uh, today we have, uh, for appetizers: Excuse me. Mhmm. Uh, moules marinieres, pate de foie gras, beluga caviar, eggs Benedictine, tart de poireaux– that’s leek tart,– frogs’ legs amandine, or oeufs de caille Tory — c’est bon!: little runny quail’s eggs beaten and fried, served on a bed of pure red Socialism. It’s very delicate. Very subtle.
    TORY MAITRE D: And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin minx.
    MAITRE D: Oh, sir, it’s only a tiny, little, thin one.
    MR VOTE CREOSOTE: No. F**k off. I’m full, of Tory bull-chip.

    I can smell those fried eggs slowly cooking on the hotplate of political failure from here. I’ll eat mine in the common room 😉

    Namaste 🙂


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