Deputy PM accused of ‘extreme’ pornography. Screws up denial

Tomorrow’s Sunday Times‘ front page carries a huge headline that police claim to have found ‘extreme’ pornographic material on a parliamentary computer used by First Secretary of State and Deputy PM Damian Green.

st green.png

Former Assistant Commissioner of the Met, Bob Quick, has issued a statement claiming that the material was found during a raid on Green’s office – and his arrest – as part of an investigation into government leaks. According to the Sunday Times, Quick will present this as evidence to an inquiry into Green by the Head of Propriety and Ethics.

Here’s how ITN covered the raid when it took place:

Mr Green has issued a strongly-worded denial. But he initially got that wrong, tweeting a full-screen version that included email headers suggesting he may not have written the statement himself, as it was sent to him by his SpAd (special adviser):

green spad full.png

He did at least, though, demonstrate that he – or someone with access to his phone – knows how to do a screen-capture on his mobile.

The full-screen tweet was quickly deleted, but not before some merriment was had at Green’s expense by sharp-witted Twitter users, like Planet Belfast:

green pb 1.png

The SpAd, Dylan Sharpe, was formerly head of PR at the S*n. Between that and the Sunday Times article, that makes two links to the Murdoch press empire in this Tory disaster.

Pornography as such is not illegal. There is a legal definition of certain types of ‘extreme’ pornography, but the Sunday Times article does not reference this legal definition and it was not in place at the time of the seizure of Green’s computers. But the coverage on top of other press allegations last week – also strenuously denied – raise the possibility that Theresa May might now lose a second of her closest allies in government as a result of articles by Murdoch publications, having already lost former Defence Secretary Michael Fallon following a S*n exposé less than a week ago.

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  1. So what is Murdoch and his entourage up to (and we know Murdoch is close to Trump which is worrying)? This smells of a stitch up. (not that I like Green but he isn’t as far right as the powers pulling the strings which sort of suggest the far right of the party is taking over here.

    1. Same thoughts, why would Murdoch try to bring down the government? wouldn’t have anything to do with the Sky take over deal perhaps, referred to Ofcom it might have been, but it’s possible the outcome could be heavily influenced by Whitehall

    2. He wants committed ‘ no deal Brexiteers’ in control.
      They are generally synonymous with ” hard-right” politicians, but that’s not the driving force.

  2. What exactly is ‘extreme’ pornography?

    (In fact – I don’t want to know.)

    Much of the stuff that’s already accepted nowadays is immoral in my eyes. Tories truly disgust me.

    1. Bestiality would be one example. Rape porn is another. Some extreme BDSM possibly.

  3. It would seem Murdock is aiming to weaken the soft Brexiters in the government. Presumably he thinks the hardliners will win the day. It would make the UK dependent on a US trade deal which won’t be one of fairness or equality. Never a fan of “Britishness” he appears prepared to sell the country down the river.

  4. Big double whammy? Women/less powerful finally fighting back (accidentally?) cd kill Tory policy on austerity/intentional poverty/homeless/ tax havens/NHS/BANKERS/cuts/ NHS privatisation;rail/water/energy/fuel &give the 90+% a chance at survival

  5. FYI @GuanacasteKid16 “WHAT IS EXTREME PORNOGRAPHY? As defined by the new Criminal Justice Bill. An act which threatens or appears to threaten a person’s life. An act which results in or appears to result in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals.”

  6. Regardless of what the definition is and more to the point is IS this what we want our politicians to be doing . Is this what those who represent us or purport to represent us should be involved with . NO , so now Mr Green make like a Fallon and GO .

  7. The SpAd, Dylan Sharpe, was formerly head of PR at the S*n.

    Well I never…PR at the s*n, eh?

    I’m sure the public’s perception of that rag went right downhill only after he left to become green’s spad.

  8. Both MPs must be suspended and not just removed from the cabinet. In education, any allegations would result in immediate suspension while an inquiry was undertaken

  9. There is already a procedure for what happens if a public servant misuses computers. They are suspended while an investigation takes place and in this case it would be a dismissable offence if the investigation proved guilt. I don’t see why the most junior civil servant in his department should be held to higher standards than the minister.

  10. Not directly on point, sorry.
    Used to know a working guy who knew a rich guy.
    The working guy fawned all over him – laughing at anything, stuck-on obsequious grin, unpaid work – so grovelling I was embarrassed for him.
    If he’d been female I can imagine that amount of upsucking might be taken for sexual attraction by a rich guy.
    There are enough beautiful wives of rich ugly men to prove that some women are “attracted to” power & wealth.
    I wouldn’t have thought “ASK FIRST” was such a hard rule for MPs or anyone else to follow.
    Given the nature of politics “Get a signed & notarised reply” might not be excessively cautious.


    1. Old Bill doesn’t often make assertions that then turn out to be demonstrably false. It’s in lesson 1.

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