May’s ‘closest ally’ accused by right-wing press over sex-pest list

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Damian Green, ‘First Secretary of State’ and routinely described as Theresa May’s ‘closest ally’ has been accused of inclusion on the Tories’ infamous ‘sex pest list’ by a number of right-wing media outlets, including the Daily Mail.

Green was accused some years ago of registering on an adult dating site, after hackers discovered his details on the site, including a private email address. He denied the allegation. However, according to the Mail his name appears on the Tories’ ‘spreadsheet’ against that website’s name and another allegation.

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A couple of weeks ago, Mr Green gave a speech to assembled ‘Westminster lobby’ journalists in which he launched into smears against the SKWAWKBOX and Canary. It looked as though Green – who ducked the SKWAWKBOX’s challenge to substantiate his smears – was  laying a platform for an assault on the ‘new left media’ (NLM) generally.

However, if the list is genuine and the allegations by the Mail and others are correct, it may also have been an attempt to ingratiate himself with the mainstream journalists whose support he may have feared he would need. His comments about the NLM putting the “livelihoods [of mainstream journalists] under threat” take on a new significance if he was aware of the possible emergence of the Tories’ list and was making a direct appeal to their sense of self-interest.

Green’s alleged presence on the list also sheds a stark and unflattering light on Theresa May’s lack of action. With Green and Fallon two of her closest allies, the weak and flailing PM is likely to have viewed inaction as the best option for her personal chances of survival.

And to hell with the feelings and well-being of the victims of the long and bleak list of Tory power-abusers that the list allegedly represents.

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  1. Is this what Theresa May came into politics for?

    To act as the defender and protector of sexual predators like Green and Fallon et al?

    For God’s sake go, May. Resign and take your disgusting cabinet of sex pests with you.

  2. You mean the vicar’s daughter, running through those fields of wheat??

    Nah, like the rest of them, she’s from decent & humble beginnings and would never consider protecting sex pests to save her job – even at the expense of the rest of the country who AREN’T victims of westminster (toerag) elitist sexual, or verbal abuse…

    1. Or, do you mean the May what lost 114 files on child abuse?

      Or the one what employed judges that had links to the (westminster) child abuse suspects and they had to resign when it was found out to spare her the allegations of a whitewash?

      Nah – not good ol’ tess…

  3. Just heard the awful story on PM of a young woman raped, five years ago at a Labour Party function. Interviewed excitedly by Caroline whatsername. Given the present scandals in the Tory party, the timing was superb. No mention at all of them of course. Well done to the BBC for fair and balanced reporting the truth by omission again.
    Is it me or is something wrong here?

    1. I was thinking exactly the same…Just a cursory mention that there were 36 or so toerags on their list…At the last one or two sentences before the end of the report.

  4. Strange, innit? That they’ll refuse victims of CSA by saying they ‘consented’ to be abused…Stranger still that may’s gone all out to get as many toerags what lost their seats last June, into cushy, well paid numbers…

    Hang the bastard lot of them.

  5. I see badly-barnetted michael fabricate’s mouthing off…I suspected he’d be on that list – he’s got WRONGUN written all over him, he has.

    Oh, it’s ok when yer pished, apparently, according to him. Well it worked for nigel evans, didn’t it?

    One thing that gets me about this kevin spacey ‘shizzle’ is that nigel evans (Also on the list apparently) went to court and used the EXACT same ‘defence’ in his trial.

    i.e. “I was drunk…I had a hard time coming to terms with being gay..etc”

    Don’t remember there being this kind of ‘outrage’ for evans…

    Jus’ sayin’…

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