Major sleaze revelations in 10.30 newspaper review?


The SKWAWKBOX has been told major revelations are due in the BBC review of tomorrow’s papers due out at 10.30pm, concerning names on the Tories’ sex-pest list, including a very senior cabinet minister accused of inappropriate behaviour with men and women.

No names here until they can be corroborated, but if what we’ve heard is true it should bring down the government.

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  1. I haven’t got much to say about this except they are all perverts and this is the Government we’ve got all dirty perverted sex predators no wonder our country is fucked up as they are too busy fucking there way through life to make our country a better country for us to live in and I’m sorry to use foul language but that’s what’s happening and it’s a discrase

  2. What will it take to get rid of this pernicious mob that calls itself a government?

  3. Quite the opposite sadly. The BBC Papers on the News Channel started with Trump, then moved on to the harassment scandal at 22:48. Numbers of accused (36 Tory, 4 Labour) mentioned but no names. Discussion stopped at 22:52 and moved onto Spacey.

    The phrase ‘witch-hunt’ used by Daisy McAndrew in the Papers Review in the context that the truth lies somewhere in between the witch-hunt and using this phrase to get powerful men of the hook. At 23:05 the main news moved on to ‘fresh developments’ presented by Ian Watson which turned out to be The S*n front page on Michael Fallon. This led on to quotes from colleagues and Julia Hartley-Brewer saying that the incident in question was nothing.

    For the second time in 15 minutes Ian Watson used the phrase witch-hunt when considering possible fallout. The conclusion was worry amongst politicians ‘that their reputations might take a hit even though they themselves don’t believe they’ve done something which would seriously warrant it.’ Which of course is the most important consideration when considering sexual harassment in the workplace. Whitewash in progress.

    Repeat of BBC Newsnight at 23:34: Nicholas Watt trails that Michael Fabricant fears a witch-hunt, then Fabricant is shown saying the exact same thing. Followed by ‘We don’t want to see individuals who have been blameless being accused of things which maybe they hadn’t really done or maybe at the time, everyone was sloshed’. Which is a consideration I don’t remember being given to Clive Lewis.

  4. The Gov seems to think it is normal behaviour as long as they say sorry. Michael Fallon “yes I did touch Brewers thigh, But I said sorry”. Doesn’t cut it. They were fast enough to want Omara suspended.

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