It’s not ‘risk’ that people will ask how long May knew. We’re asking NOW

ITV politics editor Robert Peston has posted his analysis of Tory MPs’ fears that the ‘Tory sex pest’ scandal will bring down the government – and it’s another example of the effects of the so-called ‘Westminster bubble’.

Peston’s commentary is interesting and on point – until he reaches a key paragraph in his analysis:

may risk peston

Peston appears to think that there is a risk that the story will ‘move’ to how long Theresa May has known about the sexual harassment allegedly perpetrated by her Cabinet ministers and MPs – and why she hasn’t acted before now.

He appears to be basing that assessment on the fact that, so far, few voices in the ‘MSM’ are asking those question – but it ignores the fact that the vast majority of people not in Westminster or the media are already asking those questions and more.

It’s not a risk. It’s a reality. Right now.

Theresa May has said she will act ‘within days, not weeks’. But the behaviour of her Cabinet and back-benchers has been common knowledge to whips and, therefore, almost certainly to Mrs May herself, for years – even the Establishment media has already acknowledged that some of the behaviour is ‘historical’, though seemingly to try to minimise their importance rather than to acknowledge the government’s complicity.

But that admission simply makes her haste to act ‘within days’ now look like a panicked attempt to obscure or divert from the fact that the Tories have had years of knowledge of these allegations – and did exactly nothing.

So, Mrs May:

  • why did you do nothing before these facts became public?
  • why did your predecessor David Cameron do nothing?
  • why should we believe a word you say on it when you’re only acting because your party’s behaviour has been exposed?
  • will you sack or suspend those responsible?
  • and will you dissolve the government because those thirty-six MPs are more than enough to obliterate your bung-formed government?

If not, why not?

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  1. Do you not think that there are probably a similar number of Labour / Liberal Dem MPs on a list somewhere. However much I dislike the Tories I doubt this behaviour is limited to their MPs.

    1. Remember,

      edwina currie admitted she & the rest of the thatcher cabinet KNEW peter morrison (thatcher’s pps) was a ‘noted pederast’ & nobody said a dicky-bird…And she even handed the keys to broadmoor over to savile.

      Shows just how depraved that lot always were… There’s NO HOPE of may (vicar’s daughter indeed) suspending even a single one of them.

      THAT is what they’re about. Vile bastards.

      Every. Man. Jack. Of. Them.

  2. It would seem that Neil Kinnock has been pretty awful to women and has been racist. Bound to be members of other parties. However, I notice that BBC News at 6 had more to say about Kevin Spacey than 30+ Tory MPs. Anna Soubry, Yvette Cooper, Harriet Harman, Stella Creasy & of course our very own Jess Philips foaming at mouth over Chris Lewis but very little about 35 Tories.

    BBC R4 Today programme talked about Labour MPs and nothing about Tories sexual harassment; BBC Politics talked about Brexit and nothing about Tory sexual harassment; Nick Robinson did nothing to redress balance between Labour MPs (2) And Tory MPs (35). Then he wonders why folk don’t believe what BBC says anymore. I did tell him that what has happened today tells us all what is wrong with BBC & Media in general.

    I’m waiting with baited breath for all 35 MPs to have the Whip removed. Anyone care to make a bet it will happen? No? Well there’s a surprise.

    1. simplyshirah: Regarding what you said about Neil Kinnock, could you elaborate, and also explain why you have it as “It would seem…….”. Thanks

  3. This has been going on for donkeys years and apparently no secret. Of course I totally welcome that it is going to be addressed, but it makes me wonder why it has been allowed to break as a leading news thread now. Is there an agenda?

  4. Can no-one hack the whips’ lists? It would bring down the government to expose what secrets they have

  5. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    These really are questions that should have been asked when the facts first came to light but, once again, the Tory government think themselves above the Law – and why shouldn’t they?
    Every scandal that has come to light since they got into power has been whitewashed over, and nothing ever gets done!
    You’d think the Police Force were complicit with the cover-ups, wouldn’t you?

  6. This won’t bring the tories down. No one cares about this. not really. If it was about Brexit or immigrants people might find a spine, but until then its business as usual; back to bullying the poor and foreigners.

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