Meanwhile in real news, May’s EU ‘concession’ is meaningless

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While the Tories and their media throw around fake news and faux outrage, they’re busy trying to slip through yet more fake while people are distracted.

One piece – and possibly the key piece – is the idea being touted on BBC News and other media that Theresa May won a concession from the 27 EU leaders when they said they ‘agreed’ they would go away and ‘start internal preparations’ for the ‘next phase’ of Brexit negotiations.

This is being presented – by EU spokespeople as well as by the Establishment media – as some kind of minor victory for May in an attempt to shore up her shattered reputation. But it’s utterly meaningless.

When the details of the EU’s ‘decision’ are included, it’s absolutely plain that the situation has not moved forward an iota compared to yesterday – because the start of any ‘phase 2’ discussions is, just like it was yesterday, completely dependent on the UK putting up a cash figure EU leaders are happy with.

And the ‘concession’? It’s laughable: EU leaders have ‘voted’ to go back home and behind ‘internal preparations’ – but does anyone believe for a moment that they haven’t been making ‘internal preparations’ for months, probably since Article 50 was declared triggered in March?

So EU leaders have offered to do what they were already doing. Some concession.

And to ‘win’ even that nothingness, the word is that Mrs May had to agree privately to offer billions in extra payments – an agreement she’ll keep carefully secret from the UK’s people in the desperate hope they’ll think she’s showing some non-existent competence.

No wonder the Establishment is throwing dead cats like confetti – their only hope of saving even a tiny bit of face is so flimsy that half a second’s scrutiny makes it evaporate.

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  1. This whole Brexit situation is now beyond farce. Labour must continue to occupy the semi-neutral position the have held to, while the Tories continue to lay the ground for a self-destruct that “will be visible from space”, as George Osbourne would claim. This is the Tories’ Winter of Discontent!

  2. Come Xmas there’s going to be at least 2 Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming for Maybot. Likely with bad headlines, Tory backbenchers start getting nervous and start throwing their signatures into Graham Brady chairman of the only thing that scares Tory leaders- the backbench 1922 Committee.

    Firstly Universal Credit, with Maybot’s refusal to make concessions and save her government, many claimants and their children will likely be going hungry and without presents. Add many claimants waiting for their first payment are now going without essential medicine or dental treatment they once received for free under the old scheme.
    Thus many will have no choice to turn up to A&E to get the treatment they need thus placing preventable by a competent government extra pressure on NHS A&E departments.

    Secondly, as Brexit negioations continue to be deadlocked and with just 12 months to complete all negioations, it’s increasingly likely that Maybot has gone for the Hard Brexit route.
    With many businesses large and small not knowing where negioations are going, many will either move overseas, make redundancies or simply cease to trade.

    With many public services heavily reliant on EU nationals and EU citizens rights undecided or under pressure from the Tory right, Maybot continues to stall..

  3. How the hell and why has this country got into this ridiculous state? It appears to me that the saving of the Tory Party seems to be a prize worth destroying the country for.


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