Fawkes attacks the SKWAWKBOX – for using facts

It’s hard to believe that the Fawkes site could find any new barrel-bottoms to scrape, but it seems to manage it. On Friday, it conducted one of its periodic attacks on the SKWAWKBOX – and smeared Labour’s excellent Chris Williamson for good measure.

For using facts.

Showing his usual level of class, Fawkes tried to mock Williamson for tweeting a SKWAWKBOX article – and gave away more than he probably intended:

fawkes fact off.png

‘[G]oing through Laura K’s reporting line by line‘ – or, as any sensible person would describe it:

Looking at what she actually said.

We only needed to look at three lines to find two examples of differently-weighted phrasing applied to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, but hey ho.

Fawkes also claims we ‘have to’ ask readers not to resort to violence or abuse. Here’s what we actually said:

Now, we don’t need to add this, because SKWAWKBOX readers and the left generally are disinclined to violence and abuse, in spite of scurrilous claims to the contrary by Establishment journalists and politicians. But because it is likely to be used against us if we don’t say it explicitly, here it is:

Do not consider this information a justification for abusive language or behaviour toward anyone. By all means be critical where merited, but not personal.

Seems Fawkes thinks addressing the facts – what someone actually says – is ‘tin foil hat stuff’. It would be interesting to find out how Ms Kuenssberg feels about having her reporting defended by them.

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  1. This is the standard of reporter once employed by the BBC but long since disappeared:

    1. Thank you for this video of someone I can’t remember ever seeing before, but have seen other Jews saying the same sort of thing.
      I have also followed up on some of the videos on YouTube, which again adds to information that I have not heard before.
      This is so important to understand, as they say it also threatens the survival of the rest of the planet.

      1. Thanks.

        Zionism also threatens democracy in the Labour Party but luckily we now have Jewish groups such as the JVL and FSOI in our Party whose voices in opposition to the Zionist narrative of the JLM and the LFI are now being heard.

  2. Guido Fawkes: the Bill Reilly of British politics.

    What a pinhead!

  3. Analyzing words and sentences is key if we are to understand the dark arts of NLP and the influence of the media on the population .Bots pick up single words and short sentences often in the title of a piece and the comments thereafter.But they are losing the game social media has put a pin in their bubble of power as when NLP is recognised it loses any effect, as in this case.But there are lots of tools that “analyse”
    social media but they need to catch up because the British public is aware and are no fools to media manipulation they will need to try a different method but until they do all they can to do is attack the truth in the vain hope, someone, anyone will believe what they print they have not realised we enjoy independent investigation of truth and/or in some cases lies and exclusionary detailing
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  4. Staines & his site is like the weaselly kid that latches onto the coat-tails of the school bully, throwing all sorts of insults & snide remarks around but not brave enough to retract anything or clever enough to make a watertight case for the bile they spew once they’ve (immediately & invariably) been sussed.

    paul (de liar) staines is to liberterianism what hammond is to clarkson or ridgeley was to michael, baddiel to skinner etc.

    Should be renamed ordure, ordure, it’s that full o’ sh*t.

  5. I’m trying to work out who is worse, Fawkes or that new kid on the block from @ActivateBritain tough choice! but bundles of laughter in equal measure


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