1. Do we know where they got the email addresses of Labour members from and whether the Data Protection Act was complied with?

  2. ‘Labour Future does not publish contact information and so could not be asked for comment.’

    Does momentum know how to contact them? If so, it wouldn’t be putting momentum out to ask them for LF’s contact details, would it? After all, LF have used momentum’s logo with no prior consent, so they could have no objection to momentum passing on their contact details.

    1. Just contact John Mills he owns it with the sister company Labour leave. There may be a lot of remainers angry about this. £100 million company turn over and he is dupping cash stapped labour members? Err dont think so Buddy

  3. Sorry my last comment should have read: “I’ll contact Labour First now.”

  4. Hi Thanks for letting us know this, I sighed up now regret – what can i do ?


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  5. Their registered address is 72 Albert Street, London, NW1 7NR
    Also at the same address is another company Labour Leave. The Companies House website is showing that both companies have 2 directors only, who are the same Brendan Chilton and John Angus Donald Mills. Something to think about if you are donating to Labour Leave without realising that this is also another private company.

  6. Lanour Future? Sounds more like Datamining.co.uk! Who could possibly behind this chimera?

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