Momentum announces candidates for Left NEC ‘slate’

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Momentum has announced a list of four candidates it is putting forward for the CLGA (Centre-left Grassroots Alliance) ‘slate’ for the three new NEC places for CLP representatives approved by the NEC and Labour’s annual conference last month.

The four prospective candidates, according to an email sent out by Momentum, are:

momentum slate.png

CLGA will finalise the slate over the next few days and may have its own candidates to add to the mix.

While no one doubts the candidates will make excellent CLP representatives on the NEC, there have been concerns among members of Momentum and Labour about the lack of transparency of the process. There was an open call for applications, which were open to all members, but calls have been raised for OMOV (one member one vote) selection within Momentum, CLPD and CLGA of their candidates for the slate, although this would obviously pose its own, primarily logistical problems.

A final ‘left slate’ should be announced within the next week.

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  1. No one for Scotland or Wales? Do they not gave any suitable candidates? While I support the idea of a left slate, I wonder if I am alone in getting a slightly niggling feeling about Jons ambition. Especially after the Jackie Walker affair, where irrespective of her actions, the manner with which Jon dealt with the situation I felt was very poor.

    1. Walker is an attention seeking idiot and an utter liability to the left. If she were a right wing plant (she isn’t) she could not have done a better job. Livingstone just a liability. Get out and stay out, we are here to win power, not mess about.

      1. “Get out and stay out, we’re here to win power”. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I can almost smell the bovver boots from here, with a whiff of political gangsterism and thuggery.

        I am here to stay, I am here to help the left win, I have been for a lifetime, like Jon Lansman, but I am most certainly not here with you. Have a rethink about your overly aggressive response, and realise that is exactly not what “we” are here fighting for.

  2. I agree, Florence, not happy about the whole Antisemitism issue and Jon’s actions.

  3. Apart from issues of transparency and democracy, if Lansman had any spine/political compass at all he would stand aside and propose Ken Livingstone for re-election to the NEC.

  4. As a member of Momentum I would like more transparency and wonder how this list was decided upon. I see no problem with Jon’s name being there given his proven many many years service to our Labour Party but I also share Florence’s comments over the Jackie Walker fiasco (which is ongoing!)

    On logistics. How difficult would it be, in this day and age, to arrange a 24/36 hr OMOV online poll of members?

    1. Exactly. When there is no transparency in the process, where is democracy? Does this mean all Momentum members, and by extension, all left leaning Labour party members are automatically going to just accept this list, without any of the usual preamble of nomination, candidates statements, and a fair selection process?

      Jon may well be the right person. We just don’t know. I could put myself forward, and be put on the list, and then 600,000 ordered to vote for little old me, from nowhere. It’s too much. It’s not democratic. And the response from “Paul” above is just about the last straw, of that is really what Momentum has become, then it’s broken.

  5. On Wirral we appear to have three hard right Seacombe councillors who are SUDDENLY Momentum supporters and are staying put, determined to dominate this branch. One of them, Paul Stuart was photographed outside the #Brickgate smashed window that had nothing to do with Angela Eagle (Google it), presumably seizing the day and the opportunity to suggest that Corbyn / Momentum supporters were behind it?

    Can people see now why I will remain an outsider, blogging independently and will never rub shoulders with entryist, hard right, dishonest Labour Party Members like this?


    1. Good call. There’s bound to be a lot of this sort of thing as the influence of Jeremy’s organised supporters within the Labour party increases.

      John McTernan joining Momentum is a clear indication of how many on the the corporate right hope to blend/dig in.

      Fortunately, these people are damned by their own record. If local groups are smart and keep membership informed about who to support at branch, CLP, LCF and other elections, it should be possible to oust the vast majority of Blairism’s refuse.

      A task every bit as important as winning the next G.E.

      1. “John McTernan joining Momentum is a clear indication of how many on the the corporate right hope to blend/dig in.”

        You’ve just GOTTA be sh*ttin’ me?

        No – seriously?! WT absolute F are they playing at, allowing that totally deluded pr*ck to be party to them?

    2. New Brighton’s no better served, Paul.

      Former mayor (Only because two other councillors turned the post down before he was offered) ‘Pot Haircut’ will swear to your face that he’s ALWAYS supported Corbyn…

      But we know better, thanks to your blog. One professional gobshite, that. Another the party could do without; and a reason I won’t rejoin.

  6. Are Labour Party Activists up to attempt to try to Kill people who they perceive as a threat to their Vote Rigging on an Industrial Scale by Disclosure in the Interests of Justice and of Democracy on an Open WordPress Blog which is Non Political • Repeat NON POLITICAL

    Posted by Applied I F Limited

  7. I’m delighted that Jon Lansman is prepared to put himself forward. I can’t think of anyone else who has such a lifetime commitment to increasing democracy in the LP. The internal fight in the LP is by no means won and I want the very best people and the most qualified to support Jeremy and co. Jon worked for Michael Meacher for many years and I have no doubt that Michael would have been completely behind getting Jon on the NEC.

    1. Yes, that’s all very well, but I think I sense too great a conflict of interest here. Jon is the leader of Momentum, and Jon decides who is “in or out” on candidate lists, and uses his power to direct hundreds of thousands how to vote, and then uses his power to put himself on the candidate list, without even a teeny weeny bit of a selection, and then direct hundreds of thousands to vote for him….? This is going to back fire spectacularly and the only losers will be the left.

      If Jon had been nominated by any other organisation then it would be different.

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