The right bleats about abuse by the left. Take a look at this

Right-wingers – inside and outside the Labour Party – like to bleat about supposed online ‘abuse’ by left-wingers – yet almost always it is claimed rather than evidenced. What proven abuse is put on show is almost always by the hard-right.

Tory Minister Guto Bebb sat through the harrowing testimony of Labour front-bencher Diane Abbott about the appalling racist and misogynist abuse she receives every day – but in a video report he chose to focus on the ‘abuse’ ‘suffered’ by a Tory MP, which consisted of some defaced posters. He also complained about ‘abuse’ directed toward him – in the form of someone inconveniently singing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’.

Now former Tory MP Karl McCartney has launched into a public online jibe against a Labour MP in response to the latter’s ‘offence’ of defending an outstanding female MP:

km rb lp.png

McCartney’s tweet led to him being called a ‘thug’, ‘bitter’, immature and accused of ‘sour grapes’ and jealousy:


Whatever his motivation, his behaviour will make many residents of McCartney’s former Lincoln seat – in the very heart of Tory heartland Lincolnshire – very happy that they voted him out.

McCartney was filmed trudging away disconsolately after his election defeat in June. We’ll just leave this here:

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  1. BBC south ran a news?item about the abuse of MPs The victims (all TORY of course) complained along the same lines. Despicable acts such as (” somebody drew a moustache on my election poster”) and similar acts of sedition. Absolutely no evidence for anything else.
    Eating chips and drinking coke is a bit rich coming from ‘fatty’ fawkes.
    Kettles and pots me thinks.

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