Dugher facing UK Music abuse complaint

Former ‘centrist’ Labour MP Michael Dugher, who has a controversial online record as an MP with a number of instances of behaviour drawing criticism, quit before the General Election to become the CEO of UK Music.

But controversy has followed Dugher into his new job and has led to him facing a formal complaint to UK Music from a member of the public over a series of objectionable tweets in which he attacks and mocks a former Corbyn staffer.

Matt Zarb-Cousin, who worked for the Labour leader’s communications team, has since become a regular feature on TV and radio talking about both politics and his campaign – alongside fellow reformed gambling addict Jason Haddigan – to curb the maximum stake on ‘fixed-odds betting terminals’ (FOBTs).

Dugher and Zarb-Cousin have some history, with the latter suggesting the former was involved in anti-Corbyn briefing when he was an MP:



But the feud spilled over, on Dugher’s side at least, into very sensitive territory when Dugher began to post mocking tweets about Zarb-Cousin’s gambling addiction – and it is this behaviour that led to a formal complaint made yesterday to Mr Dugher’s employers:

dugher complaint.png

Julian is not the only one to have taken exception to Mr Dugher’s conduct. But when Zarb-Cousin and other Twitter user remonstrated with him about his conduct, he doubled down on his insults – with added hashtags:


This in turn led to further rebukes from Twitter users:




To read the full, illuminating twitter thread, click here.

Mr Dugher had similar Twitter habits while he was still an MP, for example his response to a tweet about the Copeland by-election in March 2017:


Julian feels that such behaviour is not appropriate for the Chief Executive of a major music industry body. It will be interesting to find out what UK Music says about it in response to his complaint.

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  1. Dugher complained, when shadow transport minister, that the DfT was full of “trainspotters”, meaning that the railways got more attention than they deserved. During his tenure of that office he proved himself totally useless.

  2. Still Dugher’s out of our hair Sent from my Vodafone Smart

  3. He was that well known as an MP that I’ve never heard a newsreader or programme presenter ever mutter his surname. So, I was wondering – just how is his surname pronounced?

    Is it ‘Dugger’?


    Or, ‘Duffer’?

    Not that I’m remotely arsed about the former MP with a bad attitude that needs to insult someone far more relevant than he’s ever been because nobody’s heard of him. :/

      1. So, you’ve heard of him, then? Dunno whether to congratulate or commiserate, really…

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