May ‘sorry for scripted, presidential’ – before nicking West Wing lines


Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX featured Sky News’ observation, captured by a sharp-eyed SKWAWKBOX reader, that Theresa May’s speech featured lines lifted almost verbatim from a monologue by Martin Sheen’s President Bartlett in the famous political series The West Wing.

Sean, another quick-witted reader commented on that post and pointed out something we thought was worth its own special mention:

The irony too that she was saying (in the speech) that the Election [campaign] was “TOO SCRIPTED” and “TOO PRESIDENTIAL” then this – you couldn’t make it up!

You really couldn’t, could you?

Sean, we salute you.


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  1. Too presidential Hmm not sure about that because at least Clinton and Trump stood besides each other and not hide away from Corbyn like May did.

      1. Something about the: ‘Chinese dream’ as opposed to the ‘British dream’. (Whatever they’re meant to be)

  2. Hey Skwarkbox

    ** cough ** cough **
    “Excuse me,” said Theresa, “this free Chancellor’s cough sweet has me choking!”
    “Dribbling, babbling, bumbling stumbling, but this old girl will get there in the end!”
    “A tissue, a tissue, you will all fall down!”
    “I’m sorry my throat is dry, my nose a little blocked, I May appear to slur or gargoyle my words and lies.”
    “No, no, lines! Sorry!” she hesitated, “Which reminds me, whilst I’m up here does anyone have any good ones?”
    “What was that? West Wing you say? Oh yes I do recall. Indeed, a shining speech, it all but sheened.”
    ““And it is when tested the most that we reach deep within ourselves and find that our capacity to rise to the challenge before us may well be limitless.”
    “I’ll use that! Great idea!”
    “By the way do I know you from somewhere before?”

    We May recall this recorded incident with David Cameron. It’s haunting…one almost imagines the Americans are already here.


    Namaste 🙂


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