Exclusive: Emma D-C “media using royals to distract from #Grenfell and Labour”


Labour MP for Kensington Emma Dent-Coad has been under fire from the right-wing media for daring to make jokes about the royal family during a Conference fringe event in Brighton this week.

Ms D-C published an emphatic response on her social media to the ridiculous media coverage of the issue:


Approving the SKWAWKBOX’s request to reproduce her statement, Ms D-C – who earlier this week spoke to this blog with enormous frankness about the ordeal her constituents are enduring and of her fears of a whitewash – added:

The people of Grenfell Tower need justice from an inquiry that looks likely not to offer it. Labour’s conference was a triumph and we’ll be fighting for that justice.

How typical that a humorous comment should be pounced on by the media to manufacture outrage to detract from the attention that should be on the people and events of Grenfell Tower.

But the faux-outrage is also typical of right-wing attacks on strong left-wing women who dare to disturb or challenge the Establishment and its narrative.

Ms Dent-Coad’s fellow Labour MP Laura Pidcock was similarly mobbed by hypocritical right-wing opportunists when – with absolute justification – she called Tory MPs ‘the enemy’ and embarrassed Labour MPs all too ready to cosy up to representatives of the party causing suffering and even death to vulnerable people.

Labour terrifies the Establishment – and it’s more obvious every day strong Labour women terrify it particularly.

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  1. Yes they are using it that way. Unfortunately, she gave them that opportunity. A basic mistake I’m afraid. It doesn’t take away from. other things she has done and said but it was an avoidable slip.

    1. of course Gail, we should just accept the monstrosity in our midst – oh, and pay for it – the royal family

  2. I’m glad she called out the scrounging royals. After all they are just ordinary people but living a life of extraordinary privilege. The more people in government that criticise the monarchy and their positions then the more the dicussion moves towards their abolishment, which is a good thing.

  3. Iam sure Emma will have learnt from this and will be stronger and more wary of the bastrd MSM as we all should be .

  4. What has happened to the £20m donated by the public. Surely there should be an enquiry?

    1. Linda – that is exactly what the caring & loving right wing should be asking – but they don’t care because they’ve probably not given any money anyway – that’s part of how they are so rich

  5. It is strong women like Emma, and Laura, who are a real example to me, and so many other women in the Labour Party, and I hope Emma gets some – I doubt if it will be all – of her questions answered, and soon!
    I’m totally disgusted to learn that none of the people, who suffered through the Grenfell disaster, have been given the money so many of us donated to them!
    Who has banked it, to earn the interest from it, I wonder?

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