Exclusive, explosive: Emma D-C – #GrenfellInquiry looks “pre-determined”

Emma Dent-Coad MP

Labour’s new MP Emma Dent-Coad has been widely praised for her actions and compassion in the aftermath of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire, which took at least eighty lives just days after her ‘shock’ General Election victory in Kensington.

In an exclusive interview given to the SKWAWKBOX this week, Ms Dent-Coad spoke frankly of the ordeal still faced daily by her constituents – and of her grave concerns over the aims of the government’s public inquiry.

Ms D-C told the SKWAWKBOX:

  • her constituents being forced to compete against each other for housing
  • of the complete unsuitability of the accommodation being offered to many Grenfell survivors
  • of her intention to support the “People’s Inquiry” that Grenfell campaigners may mount
  • of the ‘shame’ of the government inquiry’s narrow terms of reference
  • of the humiliating ordeal survivors are forced to undergo to access financial help funded by public donations
  • that she “can’t blame” constituents who consider the public inquiry a whitewash
  • that the outcome of the official inquiry looks “pre-determined

and much more. Watch and share this explosive, subtitled audio interview:

Emma Dent-Coad deserves huge credit for her honesty and passion on behalf of her constituents – and the survivors and neighbours of Grenfell Tower deserve a full inquiry into all the context and causes of the blaze that took such a toll.

Or better yet, an inquest.

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  1. This inquiry is a sham. Can someone please explain to me how this Inquiry can reach a conclusion as defined in their terms of reference in the absence of an Official Interim Fire Report. There are a myriad of Fire Issues at stake for the Inquiry,hence, it is PARAMOUNT they have a Interim Fire report. Moreover and more importantly how can the Country and the Government learn lessons..

  2. Hey Skwarkbox,

    I stand behind Emma as we all should any Labour politician who seeks Truth for the public good.

    Out of curiosity, I read a little of Emma’s background on Wiki…’went to Sacred Heart High School, a convent school in Hammersmith, London. [..] graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in History of Design in 1992′. I’ve said before in comments across WP, it will be the Artists, the Poet’s, the Creative Minds amongst us who will soon lead the way. Those who have a spiritual dimension to their being combined with a quality to ‘see’ beyond the immediate, those who lift the veil on illusion and delusion, and present the essence of Truth. Artists and Poet’s are the guiding lights in this modern world: they are as Carl Jung once wrote “humankind” in a higher sense ‘he/she’ is collective humankind, one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic life of mankind.’ And to which I say, “Go Emma, lead the way for others who are equally motivated by sincere vision and honest intention to deliver truth and promote betterment for all.” This is what the public truly want from those they democratically vote into power…a vision of Rainbows not Dark Clouds.

    Namaste 🙂


    1. Surely an inquest has been organised even if it cannot be held for probably many reasons, but the coroner is obliged to investigate deaths in such huge numbers as expeditiously as possible. I cannot understand this at all.

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