CLPD needs ten minutes of your time asap to answer this survey

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Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) is asking for the urgent help of Labour Party Conference delegates- can you spare ten minutes to help?

CLPD is asking delegates to read the following list of proposed rule-changes up for discussion at the party’s Conference starting on Sunday and then to take the actions outlined below them:


Amendment 1:
In this sentence change the 15 per cent to 5 per cent
‘In the case of a vacancy for leader or deputy leader, each nomination must be supported by 15 per cent of the combined Commons members of the PLP and members of the EPLP. Nominations not attaining this threshold shall be null and void.’

Amendment 2:
Same as amendment 1 but change to 10 per cent not 5 per cent

Amendment 3:
Abolish the 1 year delay applied to rule changes submitted by CLPs:
– Add at end after Sub-clause H, a new Sub-clause I as follows:‘All constitutional amendments submitted by affiliated organisations and CLPs that are accepted as in order shall be timetabled for debate at the first annual party conference following their submission.’

Amendment 4:
Permit a full range of “policy, campaigning or party organisation and finance”. motions to be submitted to conference by CLPS by inserting those words deleting the contemporary elements including those underlined below:-

‘All affiliated organisations, the ALC, Young Labour and CLPs may submit one contemporary motion which is not substantially addressed by reports of the NEC or NPF to Conference. The CAC shall determine whether the motions meet these criteria and” ….

Amendment 5:
provide an adequate forum for consultation and debate on local government policy, and improve sufficient campaigning activity by replacing LCFs with reinstated Local Government Committees with regular meeting and LARGE representation for CLPs and affiliates
by inserting the following “1. The membership of the LGC shall consist 75% of delegates from the local CLP(s) and 25% from affiliates. At least 50% of delegates from each group shall be women.”

Amendment 6:
Democratise and encourage participation in young labour
by requiring it to ‘have its own constitution and standing orders, to be determined by the Young Labour AGM’

Amendment 7:
To permit the NCC to act in cases of hate incidents
defined as :-“something where the victim or anyone else think it was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on disability, race, religion” and limit the protection for holding and expressing opinions so that this protection no longer applies either in public or in private to instances involving “anti-Semitism, islamophobia and racism.”
ou get the below preference list to me ASAP. Its urgent as it will inform CLPD actions at conference and needs to be ready tomorrow The amendments are in a summary form so theyre a few lines each and easy to understand (i hope) The full amendments are available in delegate reports from the CAC or easier to find at CLGA labour website.

The full text of each amendment can be read here.


1) list the seven amendments in order of preference list as a simple string of digits – for example “6253741”)
2) specify a number between 1 and 7 of how many of these you expect to vote for.
3) provide your name
4) provide your CLP name
5) provide the number of delegates your CLP is sending to Conference – estimate if you’re not sure
6) provide contact numbers and email address of any other delegates from your CLP to national conference you can provide, if any
7) email your answers as quickly as possible to skwawkboxconf@outlook.com or send by text to the number at the top of the article here.

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  1. Wish this had been sent out sooner, it needs consideration and I’m just off to bed – it’s a long drive to Brighton!

  2. Can’t have list of preferred amendments, it is simply yes or no to each one.
    We can only have preferences in the priority ballot.

  3. My attempt to send an email to the address given was bounced!
    So. Here are my comments:

    Puzzled by this! I’m not a Delegate to Conference, so cannot respond to “Action #2” which asks: “..how many of these you expect to vote for”. Maybe it was sent to me by mistake?

    That aside, in case it is MEMBERS’ views at large, not just delegates’ views, that you are seeking:

    my order of preference would be 1234567. Number 7 should be opposed, it is worded in such a way that supporters of Zionism can claim any political attack on Zionism can be claimed as anti-semitic by any Zionist (who can claim that they think it was “motivated by hostility….”).

    My name is David Morgan, I’m a member of Rushcliffe CLP, which is sending 4 delegates to Conference, 3 of whom are members of Momentum.

  4. I’m confused? Are these CLPd amendments or just submitted amendments? Number 7 seems suspect? Why do clpd need this info? Is it to judge support/lack of support? May they withdraw some proposed amendments?

    1. They are the rule-changes going forward from the NEC – not all are necessarily approved by CLPD but CLPD is looking for delegate feedback on them

  5. Jack the link provides summary amendments to aid understanding. Most of them are very simple amendments.

  6. What the.. bit late isnt it? No1 yes 5% or get rid all together .No 2 same as no 1. no3 dont understand the question .no 4 OK. no 5 too many abbreviations and Im too old to work out what the mean. no 6 Why cant young labour be part of the main we need their input I mean really need the youth element for balance and enthusiasm no7 Sounds ropy and against the laws of natural justice it does not give consideration to malicious intent by the accuser.Racism is against the law and it is a police matter the NEC are not the police or the courts.Freedom of speech and expression must be protected within the party
    Only one delegate going from east Hampshire they said hand votes would not be held. I was prevented going as I offered to pay for myself they said this would discriminate against others who could not afford to pay .But no one else wanted to go .

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