Theresa May snubbed by 57% of the UN

On Wednesday, Theresa May spoke to the United Nations on the topic of climate change – and was humiliatingly snubbed by a large majority of UN representatives.

Of a capacity of 255, only 108 turned up – and some of those left before she finished. 

It seems the prospect of a lecture on environmental responsibility from the leader (in title at least) of a party that has imposed fracking on UK councils that had rejected planning applications is about as attractive to world leaders as it would be to the rest of us.

Theresa May and her team are pariahs that other nations consider irrelevant – and they need to be removed before they drag the whole nation down with them.

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  1. To say nothing of the UN report on disabled persecution that this government is ignoring. We’re an international laughing stock.

  2. She’d be a laughing stock here, never mind the UN, if what she and her conservative buddies have done to this country weren’t so serious.

    1. Sheila Jones 21/09/2017 at 8:18 am · · Reply →
      She’d be a laughing stock here,

      Eh? She already is…

      On another, more relevant, note – while macron & merkel were less reserved in their criticism of trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement, may was merely ‘disappointed’.

      “Of a capacity of 255, only 108 turned up – and some of those left before she finished.”

      I’m very surprised she reached treble figures, nevermind high double figures. Were the paint drying world championships being held next door or something?

  3. Hey Skwarkbox,

    …and of those that didn’t leave or otherwise excuse themselves with weak bladders easily leaking whilst laughing so hard at her speech – on the way out through the exit door – reports suggest that the remainder had all passed out, overcome by the fracking smell of Tory gas, hot air and bullshit.

    Namaste 🙂


  4. now she wants to know what we all want . had an email from global citizen saying she might consider reducing student debt. now where did we hear that first ?

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