UKIP: ‘you can’t trust Theresa May with Brexit’. Here’s why (videos) #GE17

There was a remarkable interview yesterday on BBC Five Live with the treasurer of UKIP. Remarkable because – on at least six occasions – he said:

You cannot trust Theresa May with Brexit.

or some very close variant of it.

The local elections – in which UKIP failed to successfully defend a single seat – undoubtedly saw a huge phenomenon of previous UKIP voters switching to the Tories, but it seems they’re being taken for fools by a Tory leader who is not only completely out of her depth in negotiations with seasoned and far more capable EU leaders and negotiators, but whose heart isn’t really in it.

Here’s a very short video of several Theresa May interviews during last year’s referendum campaign that her team is apparently trying desperately to remove from view:

Both in public and in private, May is heard voicing strong support for remaining and talking up the dangers of leaving.

No Brexit supporter could hear what she said about leaving the EU before she felt it was politically expedient to say otherwise and feel that Theresa May is genuinely someone to be trusted to navigate the tricky path that lays ahead over the next couple of years.

It’s not merely that she’s untrustworthy, though. She’s genuinely incapable – completely out of her depth. This is Theresa May last December being ignored by EU leaders who clearly have no respect for her:

Not only that, but for all her talk of being ‘a bloody difficult woman’ – and nobody could watch that video and think she’s in any way respected, let alone feared – Theresa May has already dropped the ball when it came to defending the UK’s interests against EU leaders whose own self-interest now lies in giving us a hard time.

In a massive way.

And it was Labour who had to bail her out.

Recently-leaked documents showed that the European Commission was encouraging European companies to discriminate against UK businesses when awarding contracts – which is completely against EU law while the UK is still a member.

Here’s Labour’s excellent Barry Gardiner talking to Sky about it:

Theresa May and her government did nothing. Labour had to write to the EU to draw attention to the situation and insist that they enforce the law.

Theresa May is brittle – she descends to insults within seconds at each PMQs, outclassed by Corbyn.

She is untrustworthy – if you want Brexit, she campaigned against it in private as well as in public but now expects you to believe she’s the one you should trust with getting it done. If you don’t want Brexit, she has shown her principles last only as long as it’s politically convenient.

She is weak – a classic case of a coward trying to talk up how tough she is, but she did nothing when the European Commission tried to hurt the UK economically.

She can’t negotiate – all she knows how to do is threaten, but no EU leader or negotiator is afraid of her and she knows it.

In other words, Theresa May is all talk – and not a word she says can be relied on.

It goes against the grain of this blog to agree with the UKIP treasurer – but he’s absolutely right: Theresa May cannot be trusted with Brexit negotiations. The outcome will affect the UK’s future for generations and it’s far too important to trust someone who’s already shown herself to be weak and unstable.

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  1. Turn out 29% half voted conservative 14% of those eligible Overwhelming victory ????
    West Midlands Mayor the Tories spent over 0ne million pounds to just sneak in front and win. yes but by massive spending which only they can raise.
    BBC Kunessberg lies lies lies
    Really without massive spending it was a disaster for Mays MANDATEno wonder she is ignored by the 27 who snigger at her behind her back
    we need an INSTANT Rebuttal unit with teeth
    All interviews by Labour are fearful of making a mistake confidence in our case or die

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