Unlawful Conference delegate selection – here’s the SurveyMonkey email


A week ago, the SKWAWKBOX publicised the case of the unlawful method used by Streatham CLP (constituency Labour party) to select the delegates that will represent it at Labour’s annual Conference, which starts next weekend in Brighton.

Local members complained to Labour’s General Secretary that the survey broke the rules, as well as doing nothing to guarantee only one vote per member or to provide proper oversight of the counting – but have received no response.

Here is the email that was sent – as readers will note, it’s a perfectly ordinary SurveyMonkey email, not anything designed for secure online voting:

streatham smonkey.png

So serious are the issues and concerns about the opportunities for tampering and gerrymandering in this process that Labour members in Streatham have called on the party to disqualify the delegates to protect the integrity of the Conference. The best chance of this happening is at the NEC meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

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  1. Either Iain McNicol is unaware of this breach of Labour rules, in which case he is completely incompetent, or he is aware and he is completely corrupt.

    Pack your bag McNicol, you’re not up to the job.

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  3. Well, according to Streatham CLP, this system is not faulty and one cannot manipulate the system. Streatham CLP claim nothing is going to change/be done differently because there is no problem. Apparently, the people who are complaining don’t understand how the IT system works.

    So who to believe????

    The Delegates chosen are the ones that are representing the Constituency even though it is totally obvious that they don’t actually represent the view of a large proportion of members.

  4. Just saw this. It’s bound to set the cat among the pigeons. The NEC can’t let Streatham CLP, London region or McNick off the hook. If they do it’ll be taken ad a sign of weakness and the fraud will continue with impunity. Well done again!

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