Exclusive: elected Labour General Secretary is NOT on the cards

The Huffington Post reported last week that ‘plans’ may be going forward within the Labour Party to make the position of General Secretary – the party’s highest employed position – elected:

hp gensec.png

If true, it would spell the end for current incumbent Iain McNicol, who is blamed by many pro-Corbyn members for the purges and other anti-democratic measures that hampered Corbyn’s efforts – and for the party’s polling for the first 20 months or so of his leadership – and for the negative official strategy in June’s General Election.

However, senior Labour insiders have told the SKWAWKBOX that such a move is currently not ‘on the cards’:

Making the position elected is not on the cards at the moment. The situation is sh*t but McNicol is currently bending over backwards to please. But a lot on the left have a long memory – maybe someone should start a petition.

Various constituency parties have already passed motions against McNicol’s tenure, so it seems likely that there would be broad support for such a petition and for a move to give Labour’s huge membership democratic control over who holds a position that has such an enormous effect on Labour’s inner workings and democracy.

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  1. It does seem like Labour and Democracy don’t fit in the same sentence nor have done since Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership first time. Jeremy should grow a pair and remove McNichol from his position no later than the conference and preferably before. If Jeremy fails to cut the cancer from with in the party then I am afraid the Corbyn bubble will burst.

  2. Perhaps as it is an administrative role and should not be permitted to be a political role. The General Secretary should be chosen by the NEC and the appointment ratified by the membership?

    1. He was employed by the NEC and continues to work for the right of the party.
      He has proved incapable of the role and should be sacked by them but until conference is over they will not have the left majority.

  3. Mr McNicol would be well advised to announce his resignation during his speech at Conference.

    The members will make their views about McNicol quite clear at Conference and he will be publicly humiliated. He has proved to be not only incapable of carrying out the duties of the role but he misused his powers to discriminate against members, has brought the party into disrepute and is an electoral liability to the Labour party.

    Save yourself the embarrassment of what is about to happen at Conference, Iain, and place the interests of the Party above your own.

    Go before you are hounded out.

  4. I believe the members should have a percentage of say in who is the General Secretary. Surely this isn’t an unreasonable request in what is a supposed democracy.

  5. If McNicol looks like he’s trying to please, you can bet your life he’s fobbing you off with short change in one hand while picking your pockets with the other.

    If McNicol’s bending over backwards to please, how come Vaz was recently elected BAME Labour’s NEC rep in what was not only a fix but a fix directed from Southside HQ? (https://skwawkbox.org/2017/09/13/bame-labour-nec-member-vaz-elected-unlawfully/)

    People closer to the matter, Labour insiders and the rest, need to wise up and take proper stock of the past and *ongoing* actions of anti-Corbyn snakes like McNicol.

    He’s STILL fixing votes against Jeremy and his supporters!

    Bending over backwards my arse.

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