This ‘journo-bias table’ looks set to go viral

Twitter account @the_awakened appears to have set a cat among pigeons with a tweet of a spreadsheet table showing his/her assessment of British journalists and their political position or bias:

journo list.png

The table is causing a furore as agitated journalists object to their position in the table – or, in some cases, their omission from it. Some obscure:

bloodworth list

And some more well-known:

hitchens list

Some were disbelieving:

mlc list.png

While some, who should know better, tried to hide behind accusations rather than take responsibility for where their own words and actions had landed them:

merrick list.png

Others were more than happy to embrace their category:

ab list

Some readers, though, were simply blown away:

abey list

Of course, which column you’d want to be in will vary depending on your worldview, just as which side of the table you consider to be good or bad.

But it’s a pretty safe bet there are a good few in the blue half who will be struggling with severe cognitive dissonance as they try to reconcile how they see themselves vs how @the_awakened – and, no, surely not, the world?! – perceives them and their ‘contributions’ or otherwise to journalism.

Of course, the inclusion of a ‘twats’ column gives away something about @the_awakened’s own political views – but the social media consensus appears to be that it’s rather under-populated.

In the SKWAWKBOX’s collective opinion, there are at least half a dozen names in the next right-most column that need a nudge over into the right-most, with some jumping out even more than others (so sorry, Glenda – it’s not your fault!).

In any event, the level of comment the ‘journo-list’ is attracting suggests it’s going viral – why not share, have your say or even make your own version for the general edification before parliamentary recess ends and all these names are asking us to swallow their opinions?

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  1. Peter Hitchens centre-left, and Cathy Newman on the right wing?

    Is that the ch4 news presenter, Cathy Newman? I’d hardly have thought so, meself…

    Still, they’re being far too kind to toby young. What an absolute nuckfugget that slimy, backsliding turd is. And yes – the twats list IS far too underpopulated, but toadie (or whatever he calls himself on twitter) deserves isolation.

    1. Hi Toffie,

      >> Cathy Newman on the right wing?

      Yes just watch her going for anyone on Labour and being a total walk over for the right wing. I know they go for balance on C4 news unlike every other so called news (propaganda) program on the TV.

      1. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed it from her over any of the others either placed further left, or on ch4 news, to be honest.

        I’ll keep my eye out for it from now on, though.

        (Also I can’t see krishnan guru-murthy on the list)

  2. So true? Temporary WiFi in is aside cafe Mykonos Sent from my Vodafone Smart

  3. What an excellent piece of analysis.

    It is of course possible to simplify the list into just two columns: anti-neoliberals and neoliberal propagandists.

    It is interesting to note, but not surprising, that the neoliberal section is top heavy. The neoliberals do of course need a far larger number of propagandists busy toiling away to defend their disastrous and discredited orthodoxy.

    And it is also interesting to note how bilious, aggressive and spiteful the writing of the neoliberal propagandists is. It is understandable though, as orthodoxies always have a bitter end.

    It is human nature for people to refuse to admit they got something wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

  4. Here’s the Artist Taxi Driver, Mark McGowan from a couple of years ago doing the most simpering, fan-boy, ass-kissing interview with neo-fascist conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, who, Mark claims, speaks “the truth”.

    Mr McGowan is in the “leftwing” column.

    1. Wonder where Max Keiser’d be placed in the list?

      Near the top of the centre-left, I’d imagine.

  5. I would never put Peter Hitchens on the ‘left’. He is a conservative through and through, he just tells it as he sees it and in my view is a principled and often thought provoking writer.


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