Opportunism meets genius to give NHS staff a boost and Hunt palpitations

Sharp-eyed, quick-witted NHS supporters ‘Elle M Bee’ and friends combined opportunism with a stroke of genius to make Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s life uncomfortable – and to give a much-needed morale-boost to junior doctors and other beleaguered NHS staff.

Hearing from the parents of some friends that Hunt was sitting just behind them on a train, they acted quickly – and in a fashion that can justifiably be called inspired:

hunt hunted eyes.png

Hunt’s ‘hunted’ eyes tell an eloquent tale of just what he thought of the move:

hunt hunted eyes.png

Let’s make this a thing.

If you spot Hapless Hunt, don’t engage directly or even let on that you know he’s there. Just talk loudly about how useless he is and about the dire state of the NHS under the worst Health Secretary and slimiest party in history.

And, of course, don’t forget to tell us about it so we can feature it here – ideally with photographic evidence.

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  1. I have to disagree on this skwawky – I’d call on people to denigrate the wobbly-headed twunt – and his shite policies – to his face.

    And I’d make great noise about the £4k in ‘expenses’ he claimed so he could speak to his in-laws. He owns a publishing company that specialises in courses ffs – it wouldn’t have been hard for him to get hold of some books/cd’s.

    Comrades – that’s your cataract operation/ hip replacement money…

    Show your anger – In the name of free speech ‘n’ all that.

      1. Oh no, certainly not.

        Make the ‘protest’ as vociferous and passive/aggressive as you can, but keep it within the boundaries… 🙂

      2. And of course – I’d encourage covert recording of it, too – In case certain claims are made.

        Did for andrew (plebgate) mitchell 😀

  2. I’d like to confront him instead – seems more open and honest – let him explain himself…

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