Attacking MP re women-only carriages, Creasy, er, proposes w-only-carriages

As the SKWAWKBOX showed earlier today, the mainstream media has been busily filling its boots with SKWAWKBOX material, including a furore over Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson’s retweet of a SKWAWKBOX article about the steep increase in sexual assaults against women on trains – and Williamson’s subsequent suggestion that the idea of women-only carriages might be worth a look.

A number of right-wing Labour MPs jumped into attack mode against Williamson for daring to even think about ‘restricting’ women – even though Williamson had not thought about restricting women, merely about giving them an extra option they might prefer.

But when you’ve stranded yourself on the back benches and are desperate for a bit of relevance, there’s a temptation to shoot yourself in the foot in your eagerness to take aim at someone else.

So it is in the case of Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy.

Ms Creasy got into it with Williamson on Twitter, in spite of the latter’s attempts to explain himself in a reasonable fashion – and then she cocked the hammer, pointed down and pulled the trigger:

creasy restrict.jpg

Ms Creasy’s problem is, of course, that ‘restricting where men can be’ is exactly what women-only carriages would be – ‘women only’ and ‘no men’ mean the same:

no men train

It would be hard to think of something that would better illustrate the eminent reasonableness of an idea and the absolute hypocrisy of those attacking it.

But now, thanks to those attacks, Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out the idea according to the Huffington Post – so the right-wing, mostly female Labour MPs attacking an idea they actually agree with by portraying it as its opposite have achieved little else than to deprive women of the possibility of an option that might have kept them safer. Which shows where their priorities lay.


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  2. What on earth is wrong with these Cooperative Party MPs?

    So blinded are they by their bitter, vexatious and utterly incomprehensible hatred of the leadership of the Labour Party that they are willing to put the safety of women at risk by instinctively attacking somebody who supports reasonable proposals to decrease that risk, just because that person supports the leadership.

    Now, the Cooperative MP, Stella Creasy, has completely reversed her position, clearly belatedly realising that she has exposed her obvious hatred of the Labour Party by aggressively attacking a reasonable suggestion to protect women made by a supporter of the Labour leadership.

    As a Labour Party member I have frankly had enough of these spiteful, aggressive and self serving right wing Cooperative Party MPs attacking the Labour Party at every opportunity.

    If these ill disciplined and divisive MPs hate the Labour Party so much then they would probably agree with me that it is time for the electoral agreement the two parties have to be dissolved.

    We can then find out exactly how popular Cooperative Party MPs really are without Labour’s profile and support when they go head to head with Labour MPs and the leadership’s manifesto.

    I think we would find the Cooperative Party would be lucky to win the same number of seats as the Liberal Democrats.

  3. The problem here is patently obvious from a working class person who has been through University such as myself. Williamson talks in language that the working class relate to whilst Stella Creasy attempts to convince working class people by using her middle class language that just turns working class people off involving themselves in the debate. She needs to read Class,Codes and Control. But then she probably wont understand that either.

  4. It continues to amaze me – every time – that MPs under the labour whip prefer to attack their own party, rather than the tories. I simply cannot get my head around it.
    Worth noting that When Mr Corbyn was at odds with a Labour party that had rather forgotten its roots, he never – just never – spent his time or energy conspiring to destroy the party.

    1. ‘Their own’ party?

      I wish they were in their own party, because they don’t belong in the labour party.

  5. I’d support it but I happen to think it’s not the best way to protect women, mostly because they’re vulnerable in so many other places than just trains.
    More cameras and longer sentences might be more effective.
    Giving women the right to carry mace or tasers while it remains illegal for men to carry any weapons must make assaults by men less likely – and less likely to succeed.

  6. I’m not particularly a fan of Stella Creasy, but she’s not proposing banning men, she’s trying to say that she’s as offended by the notion of women-only carriages as a man might be about being banned from carriages. Rhetoric.

  7. She was extremely patronising & condescending on that thread towards me and others. I was attacked on train & said I welcomed any changes that helped to make women safe. She ranted on about feminism and then appeared to me, to be talking against her first argument. When I pointed that out treated me like an idiot. I suppose my voice doesn’t count because I do not agree with her. Underlying Ms Creasy & Ms Phillips tweets was to attack Chris – a known supporter of Corbyn. I saw nothing on that thread that convinced me she really cared about women who’d been subjected to frightening occurrences on trains. It was a bashing session to make Corbyn & supporters look stupid. In my view she and Ms Phillips were ones who looked somewhat idiotic. Chris was brilliant and didn’t rise to bait.

    1. I didn’t know who she was at first – thought Jess Phillips & her were Tories – I still can’t believe that both of them keep putting themselves about to get publicity which ends up supporting the Tories. They are both a disgrace to the Lab Party. Things are so bad for people in Britain, I find I actually get to despise ANY MP that isn’t spending all their efforts exposing & attacking the tories. This pair ATTACH themselves to the Tories & r acting like I would expect Tory infiltrators would. I also suspect that they r intentionally winding up supporters of the Labour Party so they can carry on with their ‘Left wing abuse/bullying’ nonsense.

      1. veronica57livecouk 25/08/2017 at 11:45 am · · Reply →
        ‘I didn’t know who she was at first – thought Jess Phillips & her were Tories’

        Wait…What… You mean they’re not?

        Coulda fooled me. Not a dicky-bird from either of them when claire perry (tory MP) first mooted the idea a few years back – Can’t for the life of me think why not :/

  8. Just found that I have now been blocked by Ms Creasy. Presumably because I defended Chris and questioned her. This is part of the trouble with RW of Labour. They want to undermine the leadership & pick any kind of hammer to bash it on any kind of issue. If one of her kind had come up with idea she’d be in support. It came from Left winger & known supporter of Mr Corbyn so let’s make mountain out of molehill. What matters most? Women being safe on trains in light of the escalation of attacks on women? Or fact that it was a left winger who suggested it so let’s bash this idea? I called her out and told her she was trying political point scoring instead of listening to women who had experienced being attacked – like me!!! Some of the women on that thread CHOSE not to understand. And it was women who suggested it to Corbyn? You couldn’t make it up. One chap on there was brilliant. So grateful to him. What is wrong with these MPs? Isn’t there enough wrong in this country under this murdering Tory Govt, that there is time and room enough to bash members of their own party? Despairing.

    1. The blatant coordination between PLP ‘moderates’ and the right-wing press on this issue has been an absolutely disgrace.

      They’re so desperate to attack anything even remotely associated with Jeremy that they’ve attacked something they should’ve at least entertained as a possibility.

      Creasy realised this too late to avoid looking like a complete fool, hence your ban. The others are so far gone that they don’t even appear to have made that realisation!

      There are many more bright, enthisiastic parliamentary candidates out there than there are blundering, Co-operative Party saboteurs like Creasy. They would be unlikely to win a single seat standing as Co-op-only candidates.

      I do hope Walthamstow party members get organised for the next run of AGMs and at least succeed in replacing their dreadful CLP chair.

  9. ‘Ere , creasy?

    How about having a carriage exclusively for your own family on the westminster/labour party/political gravy train?

    Oh, that’s right…:)

    (And I suppose this counts as ‘online abuse’ doesn’t it?)

  10. One person I’m surprised not to have heard anything about piping up on this matter is harriet ‘men are all penis-wielding oppressors’ harman.

    And to be honest, I’m grateful. Can’t stand her. But then again, she’s not alone in that respect…

  11. I wonder what her stance is on women’s refuges?

    I mean, like jess (millie tant) phillips, she seems to think it’s ok for women to not have the choice of putting themselves in a situation where they may be at risk on a train.

    ‘Oh no, can’t have them refuges, it’s like putting responsibility on the victims – let’s just wait make them share the same roof until they’re beaten and then prosecute the perps’


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