Tory press finally admits: we want you uneducated so you’ll vote Tory


There was a remarkable admission in Saturday’s Telegraph. One that many of us have intuited for a long time but never expected to see simply admitted by those behind the constant attempts to deceive people into supporting a Tory party that robs them:

Being unintelligent and uneducated helps you vote Conservative.

That wasn’t quite the phrasing used in the headline, but it was as near as makes no difference:

torygraph thick.png

There you have it: education makes you move left and reject the idiocy of voting for a party that has only the interests of its insiders at heart.

Mind you, the article, much of which sits behind a paywall that no sensible person would consider putting money into, seems pretty dim itself. It repeats a lie that has been so thoroughly debunked this week that even the least-educated hustler would be embarrassed to re-use – the idea that Corbyn made any kind of pledge to cancel student debt.

This has been shown by Channel 4’s Fact Check – as well as by the SKWAWKBOX and, for that matter, simple common sense – to be nothing more than deliberate hogwash.

The fact that the Tories are still using such tired and discredited nonsense suggests… well, it suggests that the very expensive private schooling and university education of the Tory ‘elite’ (that last word typed with tongue firmly in cheek of course) has failed to make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear of their brain.

Or to add a milligram of integrity to what passes for their character.

Which certainly explains a lot of right-wing publications and gossip sites – and why the Tories want those who do go to university burdened with debt (unless your parents are rich, of course), to keep them preoccupied with other matters than, say, overthrowing a corrupt government and system.

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  1. You don’t see too many university graduates tugging their forelocks.

  2. No surprise, really. The MSM rely on the uninformed masses to be the fertile ground they sow their poisonous dogma in. The masses WANT even NEED to be told what to think and what to do while at the same time believing themselves to be free! The consumer is only king of their own dungpile!

  3. The Telegraph is of course an openly Tory-supporting newspaper, and the vast majority of people who read it know that (and are themselves Tories), and so The Telegraph doesn’t have to disseminate propaganda lies and fabrication on anywhere approaching the same level as the Mail and the Sun and the Express do, whose readers (apart from the Tory faithful who may read one or more of them for a laugh at their manipulation of their millions of unsuspecting readers) don’t have a clue that they are reading the Establishment’s black propaganda.

    Unfortunately for the Establishment/Tories though, an ever-increasing number of people are waking up to the fact that it is, and each and every one of us must do whatever we can to continue that process.

  4. Just confirms what a member of Thatchers Cabinet said in a private conversation that was leaked…..”The last thing we want is an educated working class”.

  5. That’s why Tony blair and Labour introduced university fees.
    Obviously Labour are going to deal with that.
    I said screw foreign aid why are we giving to China Libya India Pakistan etc anyway all got armed forces and can afford to spend on space and nuclear arms as well as new arms technologies.?
    What labour condemn tories for today labour will do tomorrow eg selling council houses condemned Maggi for that but they continued and expanded it. Who brought capatia an American company over here labour and now they are into everything they screwed NHS for £15 billion for a database that doesn’t work labour brought them into do that, it should have cost £2 billion that’s what the contract was for but they kept asking for more and Tony just handed it over, conservatives never held capatia to account either. Wonder if Tony is employed by capatia as an advisor and paid millions by them?
    Our money taken and squandered handed to every dick and their dog.

  6. Right Martin, so you think Tony Blair and his so-called New Labour were in fact Labour. Yeah, of course you do! Pull the other one, The joke of it is that just about everyone coming to this page (and this website) and reading the Comments knows that Blair and his New Labour were Tories, so you are just completely wasting your time with your piddley little disinformation campaign,

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