Excl: ‘Fake polling station’ reports confirmed in Bristol, no charges brought

Update: a formal police statement has now been issued clarifying this matter.

The SKWAWKBOX received reports at the weekend that a fake polling station had been set up in Bristol during last month’s General Election, with a claim that this had been confirmed by an unnamed returning officer.

Not enough in itself to make a story – but sufficient to pique curiosity and prompt the SKWAWKBOX to investigate further.

So we called Avon and Somerset Police press office. The press officer said he had heard nothing of it – but he would check with the complex crimes unit. You’d expect a fake polling station would be memorable, so it looked as though the reports were a red herring.

Except that the same officer phoned back within just a few minutes – to confirm that there had in fact been reports of an unauthorised ‘polling station’ in the city on General Election polling day.

The officer went on to advise that no charges would be brought as investigating officers had concluded that the station was some kind of ‘community effort’.

A formal statement has been promised to the SKWAWKBOX tomorrow with a fuller explanation of the nature of the unauthorised venue and the reasons for the police conclusion that no crime had been committed. We will bring you this information as soon as it’s available.

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  1. “The officer went on to advise that, in spite of the unauthorised nature of the ‘polling station’, no charges would be brought as investigating officers had concluded that the station was some kind of ‘community effort’ set up to help, rather than hinder, voting – but he was unable to clarify further today.”

    Marvellous, innit?

    I’ll set meself up as a temporary gynaecologist – as a ‘community effort to help, rather than hinder, women’ , you understand, yer honour?


  2. “Hallo Hallo Hallo, what’s all this then”?
    I suspect plod knows more than meets the eye eye eye the horse as gone I’ll shut this gate!

  3. ‘Complex crimes unit’

    I’m guessing it must’ve have been ‘too complex’ for them, eh? :/

  4. I read unnamed as in armed, really got to cut back on my consumption of American News. 😉

  5. The problem with this sort of story is that once it’s published, whatever the actual facts that come out later, the conspiracy theorists have a field day.

    I strongly suspect that the fact that there was no fake polling station will not spread so rapidly as the original unsubstantiated story that there was..

  6. Oh, I couldn’t agree more.

    Yes, those conspiracy theorists like ‘hank’ bellingham, peter bone, nigel phalange etc etc…

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