Has de Piero given up on #CAC election – or even wants to lose?


Interesting little nugget from the contest for the CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee) – a key battle for two places on the committee that controls what is discussed at Labour’s annual Conference and how.

Left-wing candidates Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes – hugely ahead on CLP nominations – are standing against ‘moderate’ incumbents Gloria de Piero and Michael Cashman, who have lately been claiming to want to represent grassroots members in a change of campaign tack.

Liverpool MP Dan Carden recently endorsed the left-wing candidates – and an interesting ‘like’ appeared next to his tweet on the issue:

gdp like

That’s right – Ms de Piero ‘liked’ a tweet endorsing her two rivals.

Now, the ‘like’ function on Twitter is used for more than just expressing approval. A lot of people use likes as a kind of bookmark, to make a particular tweet easier to re-find. So it may be that Ms de Piero was simply marking the tweet so she could use it later, or have words with its author. This might be the most likely scenario.

But it might just also be a sign of ambivalence toward the contest or that she has an inkling that things are not going well.

In any event, if you haven’t yet voted – you have until 8 Sep to do so and can’t chase missing ballot emails until 21 August – make sure to vote Seema and Billy. As Dan Carden says, it’s the way to ensure the opinions and interests of the majority of Labour members are reflected on the CAC.

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  1. The centrist, Gloria De Piero, is electorally toxic.

    She turned a majority of 9,000 in the Ashfird constituency into a majority of just 441 in 2017.

    In addition to that failure, she about to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Labour Party membership in the Conference Arrangements Committee contest. So, not only is Gloria electorally repellent for the public but she is also repellant to the party base.

    If Gloria really placed the interests of the Labour Party above her own career interests she would obviously step down and let somebody more popular and less divisive run, to prevent Ashford being captured by the Tories.

  2. Labour will have no trouble finding bright, enthusiastic replacements for the likes of De Piero, Cashman, Spellar, Watson, McNicol and all the rest.

    I suspect this fact is begining to dawn on most of them.

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