Video: Chief EU #Brexit negotiator – STILL waiting for UK position. On ANYTHING

Remember when Theresa May claimed the UK obviously wanted her and the Tories at the Brexit negotiating table – you know, being strong and stable and all that?

That went out of the window with the election result, then down the toilet when she was reduced this week to begging Jeremy Corbyn to give her some ideas – which he slapped down by telling her, as the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed before it happened, that she could have a copy of Labour’s manifesto. He even signed it for her:

corbyn manif signed.png

The absolute absence in the Tory government of anything even resembling an idea, let alone any competence, was laid bare today by a statement by the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier – in which he told listeners that he was still waiting – three and a half months after Theresa May triggered Article 50 – to hear what the UK’s negotiating position is.

On anything:

The language is diplomatic, but the import of his words are crystal clear and beyond argument:

  • the EU, being competent, has prepared detailed position papers on what it sees as nine key issues, to create its starting position for the negotiation
  • the UK has not produced one
  • as a result, in the 3.5 months since Article 50 was enacted, no progress has been made

We’re almost one sixth of the way through the two-year period that will end, whether we’re ready or not, in our exit from the EU – and so far, nothing has been done in terms of negotiating the terms of our relations with the EU after we leave.

Not. One. Thing. Not only that, but we haven’t even told the EU negotiating team what we think we want.

All Theresa May has managed so far is refuse to deny that she might give US medical companies our NHS in her desperation to show some deal, any deal with a non-EU country.

Strong and stable our collective arse.

Theresa May and her ‘team’ of buffoons are making us an international laughing stock and couldn’t negotiate the price of a trinket at a car boot sale.

For the sake of our country and its standing in the world, they must step down and call a new General Election before it’s too late for a real leader and a real government to retrieve the situation.

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  1. Reblogged this on nearlydead and commented:
    Tories cocking up Brexit good and proper.They are making it up as they go along.

  2. They’re about as useful as a handbrake on a camel.

    They should change their name to ‘The Gunners’…’Gunner do this, gunner make sure we get that’ etc.

    Except when push comes to shove..


  3. Sums up succinctly exactly what the bunch of Tory fuckwhits are ……TOTAL INCOMPETENTS .It would be laughable if it wasn’t so utterly catastrophic for the nation.
    Q that utter clown Bojo hurrumping burping farting blathering idiot to really smooth things along with “you can whistle for it ” diplomacy. Christ
    he even makes bloody Monty Python look serious!

  4. What few seem to be saying is that we need to be talking about what IS TO BE DONE as opposed to what the Tories aren’t doing. It’s pretty clear that May never wanted to leave the EU and everything she says/does is about keeping the lid on her pond-life Brexit backbenchers. Yes, we need an election but we also need to be clear that whatever relationship we want to have with the EU and others in future, it certainly does not include our acquiescence to the Treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon and the TTIP type agreements stemming therefrom and it certainly doesn’t include a special relationship with the USA. It may include closer relationships with the BRICS countries and it may even include continued membership of the EU – but only on our terms. We need to reclaim sovereignty in order to carry out socialist policies, not least to give courage to like minded people all over Europe who feel the same and need a clear alternative that is not the xenophobic right.

  5. Were the UK to decide we wanted to remain in the EU does this mean we have to ask or beg the EU, and if so, will this mean the EU will apply a transaction charge in the City of London (no matter how small means the EU will also be policing the banks), and will it mean the UK can no longer continue, to sell weapons to religious extremists, aka in 2013, Wahhabism was identified by the European Parliament in Strasbourg as the main source of global terrorism and since then it is only the UK selling multi billions in weapons to wahhabist each year. (yes the usa does as well but that does not mean its right.)

  6. It seems to me Theresa May is ‘negotiating’ exactly the Brexit that evidently financially suits her – i.e. no deal at all. What better way of achieving no deal at all than by simply doing nothing? She’s laughing at us, as are those small few on whose behalf she is acting.
    The problem for the rest of us is getting rid of her quick enough to allow an actual Brexit deal to be negotiated in the remaining time available, by people who are far less disingenuous than Theresa May and her ‘cliff edge’ cronies.

  7. It is quite clear that the Conservative Party is intentionally sabotaging the negotiations.

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