Excl: Corbyn’s response to May’s ‘save me’ plea: we’ll send her our manifesto

As the SKWAWKBOX noted on Sunday, Theresa May made a mockery of her ‘ad nauseam’ line about which leader the British public would prefer at the Brexit negotiating table – by begging Jeremy Corbyn for his help:

may begs

Clearly she knows which side of the Dispatch Box the real ‘strong and stable’ sits.

But surely Corbyn won’t reach out a hand to save her from drowning in a cesspit of her own making – and one which from which she has shown little real intention of learning any humility?

Too right.

A spokesperson from the opposition leader’s office told the SKWAWKBOX:

If she needs help, we’ll be happy to send her Labour’s General Election manifesto. It contains some great stuff on how a real government, with the genuine best interests of the country and its people at heart, will negotiate Brexit.

As many of her colleagues already seem to want to use it as a reference-guide for proper government anyway, we’ll be happy to present her with her own copy.

We’re sure she’ll appreciate it.

lab manif
Labour’s outstanding manifesto

Some – including some misguided Labour ‘moderates’ – seem to think that Labour should bail out a sinking, incompetent PM ‘for the good of the country’. It seems clear that the Labour leader’s office recognises that the real good of the country is best served by letting her face the consequences of her own mess and accelerating the collapse of the hopeless shower currently masquerading as a government.

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  1. How d’ya stop a tory from drowning?

    Take your foot off their head 🙂

  2. Too right, if JC was prepared to help her sort out the mess she has created, as soon as things were back on an even keel she would abandon him without even an acknowledgment, take all the credit for herself and revert to her old ways of trying to demolish everything that benefits the workers. Let her get on with it. Jeremy’s time will be better spent sacking the traitorous Blairites and preparing for the inevitable forthcoming election. I will give till November, tops!

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