Video: even BBC/Sky covering #NotOneDayMore march – how things change

After years of huge marches in London and elsewhere being virtually ignored and often scoffed at by mainstream media, today’s huge “Not One Day More” march in London is receiving hourly – and largely positive – live coverage by both BBC News and Sky News:

Of course the BBC’s coverage doesn’t quite do justice to the scale, sheer noise and significance of this event:

But this is one more indication of how Corbyn – long accused of being ‘unelectable’ by an Establishment desperate for the UK public to write him off – has changed the landscape of politics in this country.

BBC News has been at the forefront of that attempt to denigrate and ridicule – and no doubt will resume its attempt in due course. But even the Tory-suborned state news broadcaster can’t ignore what’s going on completely.

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  1. What is the reason for the sudden change would be interesting to know, could it be Corbyn’s stance on Brexit or maybe have they cottoned on that his manifesto is not as bad for broadcasters as they thought any ideas?

  2. I think the media has turned against Theresa May, todays announcement that she is to inflexible and hampering Brexit negotiations would never have been broadcast before the election, it makes you feel they are instigating a leadership contest. I do not believe it is a nod toward Corbyn rather a warning to the Tories that they are fading fast and need to change.

  3. The cynic in me says their just building up the quota of positive reporting so they can go overdrive on attack mode later? I also expect the MSM are trying to find away back to being the attack dog without making it obvious or unquestionable of their political loyalties. A slowly, softly approach as the heats slowly increased up till frothing at the mouth returns.

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