Important announcement: ‘Support Stafford’ looking to link up

Please spread the word on this. The Support Stafford Hospital (SSH) group, which has done an amazing job of galvanising local support for Stafford’s unfairly-maligned and severely-threatened hospital – such a great job that recently over 50,000 people marched in support – is looking to link up with other local pro-NHS/’save our hospital’ groups.

In spite of the amazing turnout for the march, which generated some unforgettably moving and inspiring scenes, the national media ignored it almost entirely – much as they have ignored other protests and even the vehement opposition to the Health and Social Care Act itself.

What it looks like when 50,000 people know they need to stand up for the NHS

SSH’s passion and vital expertise will be invaluable to other local groups looking to support/save their local services – and by joining forces everyone benefits by creating an impact that will become impossible for even the anti-NHS media to ignore.

You can visit SSH’s Facebook page here for a flavour of what they’re doing. If you’re interested to link up, you can either post a message there or else put a comment on this page and I’ll make sure someone gets in touch with you.

United we are stronger. Please get in touch.


  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    I have to say I haven’t been keeping up with this issue as much as perhaps I should. What attracted my attention here was mention of a march – “the national media almost entirely ignored it”. Now, I certainly have experience of that.
    So I’m reblogging this in the belief that people should be allowed access to as much information about an issue as possible, before making a decision on it. If you sympathise with that belief, go thou and do likewise.

  2. Thanks Steve. You are awesome!

    If we could join this up, that would be amazing!!

  3. I’m sure the National Health Action Party would love to work with them. They’ve already been working with the London-based groups to coordinate rallies, speeches and so forth.

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