LibDems bend over for the Tories to maintain austerity

It seems to be getting remarkably little attention, but while most of the Queen’s Speech votes in Parliament on Weds and Thursday were won by the Tories 323-309 because of their DUP supporters, the first vote on Thursday was won by the bigger margin of 323-297.

That vote was on Labour’s amendment on a variety of measures to end the institutional impoverishment of our young people and our poorest. The reason the ‘aye’ vote was 12 lower than usual is because the LibDems abstained, essentially siding with the Tories to continue penalising poor people and our aspirational youth:

As the mainstream media are not reporting it, we need to make sure voters see and understand: if you want change, if you want the UK to be a better, fairer place to live, there is no use at all in voting for a LibDem candidate who will simply duck the important issues to maintain the status quo.

A situation that will only get worse when the pro-austerity Vince Cable resumes the leadership, as he is expected to do.

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  1. Proof that there’s no ‘middle ground’ The fib-damns are NO alternative. Nor would a Labour party be if ‘progress’ got their way.

    Only ‘Momentum’ offers a proper, credible, realistic alternative.

    1. Doesn’t matter who gets lead them – they’ll still be as much use as tits on a crocodile…

  2. I knew this would happen, as soon as I heard Vince Cable was standing. The other “contenders” fell away, after Tim Farron was forced out and, from his past actions, I predicted (to myself) that he would vote with the Tories. It’s despicable – he got a knighthood and is probably now hoping to end up in the House of Lords – for services rendered! At the moment, they have abstained but as soon as he is the elected Leader, I’m sure he will openly vote with the Tories. Ye Gods! How can we ever get anywhere?!

  3. Abstention = Collaboration. Corbyn was 100% right about the ConDems, as usual.

    On the plus side, with GE 3.0 likely inbound, this and any similar antics from the ConDems will serve as lethal campaign ammunition.

    Proponents of a Lab/Dem alliance look pretty stupid now.

  4. The ones proposing a “progressive alliance” always include the LibDems! These ppl expect Labour to stand aside in so e seats to give the LibDems, Greens and other small parties some guaranteed seats. Greens seem to he the ones who think Labour are the problem for s snisding such an alliance. But the FibDems are neither progressive or our allies. Orange Tories, too.

  5. How about getting the correct Hansard Figures, this blog has lost its origins and credibility and simply become a pro Corbyn/Labour blog, lost is it’s original work which if the blog owner remembers a good few years ago we including me, were working to help folks with DWP matters and other, which by all accounts is quite a shame this blog has gone this way, I have offered to finacially support this blog a few times in the past, sadly that offer falls by the wayside if the ill reported issues turn it into a slagging match against other parties, we need to be progressive and unite in order to stop the Tories, Labour with its warts and all failed to do that in the GE. we end up with a Tory gov for potentially the next 5 years.

    I was a PPC in this GE and it was quite shocking to witness some Labour campers simply spouting half truths to the masses, its no wonder Labour will never form a Government

    1. “We need to be progressive and unite in order to stop the Tories,”

      Who’s the ‘we’ you speak of? As far as the blog itself goes, what’s your crib with it?

      Pro-Corbyn blog? So what? What – You want it to support the bliarites unequivocally or something? Nah, doesn’t work like that, squire. Don’t like it? Well, there are blogs more suited to your opinions. With any luck the bliarites will be forming their own party in future, instead of leeching of the support Corbyn’s brought to the party.

      The quality of content hasn’t diminished since I started reading it (At the time of mid-staffs, and the outright lies of julie bailey) In fact, in my opinion it’s gone from strength to strength, receiving mentions in the mainstream media, and getting right up the noses of the right-wing press.

      Something the matter with that?

  6. Oh, by the way – I realise you’re a fib-damn. I stand by what I said regarding this blog and it’s content.

    It – unlike your comrades – has a spine, and a clue.

    ‘Unite against the tories’ , indeed…Risible.

  7. Lib dums any vote for them is a vote for the Tories , its a party for cowards who are too ashamed to come out and admit that they are really shy Tories but haven’t the courage to actually vote directly for them .Snakes the whole lot of them and to think I was even contemplating trying to raise tentative the idea at my CLP for cross party talks with then locally to try and unseat the resident Tory MP . STUFF that now , no way , at least with tory scum you know where you stand , unlike the LDums

    1. Exactly!

      Zero difference betwixt them, the toerags, and the bliarites. People want change. They all want the status quo. Austerity for the masses – socialism for the elite.

      There’s only one party offering real, meaningful change – After the leader had been elected by the biggest margin the party’s seen – And still they’re being hamstrung by hangers-on who don’t deserve any sort of office, and wouldn’t get it if they hadn’t already been party members what sold the party’s soul under the criminal freeloader bliar and his cohort.

  8. As much as I would like this to be true, the vote was 309-323 NOT 297-323 Basic maths tells you that The Lib/Dems voted with Labour.

  9. The Lib Dems voted against Queen’s Speech overall and supported anti-austerity amendments to end the public sector pay cap, to stay in Single Market and to protect Northern Ireland women.

    The vote referred to above on which the Lib Dems abstained was a Labour amendment basically praising their whole manifesto, elements of which the Lib Dems don’t support, e.g. their policy on the Single Market.

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