Anyone even thinking of voting Tory tomorrow needs to see this video #GE17

The SKWAWKBOX covered a few days ago the matter of a report that the Tories have suppressed – until at least after the election that reveals that the Saudis, with whom both Theresa May and Amber Rudd have close links, are prime funders of terrorism.

Amber Rudd is so keen for nobody to know about it that she tried to silence an opposing candidate who raised it at a hustings in the Sussex constituency of Hastings and Rye where she is standing for re-election. Watch the shocking footage of her anti-democratic actions here.

A video has been released summarising the problem of Tory links with Saudi Arabia that any voter even considering voting Tory needs to watch – especially if the reason they’re thinking of voting Tory is a misconception that the Tories are the party of security, law and order:

The production values of the video may be basic – but the facts it addresses are deadly serious.

In case you think that the idea of the Saudis funding terror are far-fetched, it’s not. The suppression of the report and the findings it arrives at are a matter of public record:

may saudi suppress.jpg

As is the fact that the Saudis threatened to create more terrorist incidents in London if then-PM Tony Blair did not suppress halt an investigation into corrupt arms deals:

guardian saudi threat

Blair did as the Saudis demanded.

Theresa May and the Tories have shown themselves perfectly prepared to mislead the British public and even to lie outright in their pursuit of power. But the reality is that she, her Home Secretary and her party are tightly bound to the regime that is reported to support and fund ISIS.

And they suppressed the report that reveals it in the hope of fooling people into voting for them.


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  1. As revealed on Newsnight, May seems incapable of making a decision whithout ‘consulting’ her 2 senior SPADs. The same 2 SPADs that are widely acknowledged to have written the Tory manifesto.

    Who are Tory supporters really voting for, Theresa May or a couple of unelected SPADs. Who will really be in charge if the country suffers the mis-fortune of Tory victory.

  2. Nicholas Wilson (Mr Ethical) has done wonders as an anti-corruption candidate, standing against the Home Secretary Amber Rudd in Hastings and Rye. And before anybody accuses him of “splitting the vote”, the YouTube video of Amber Rudd censoring his words has had half a million views in three days and even some MSM coverage.

    Regardless of Hastings, this is likely to change minds and even swing a few Tory marginals to Labour.

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