Explosive: Rudd tries to censor election opponent to hide Saudi terror allegations #GE17

The SKWAWKBOX wanted to remain silent until this evening out of respect for the victims of last night’s terror atrocity and our hearts go out to those affected and their families.

But information that has come to light – and Theresa May’s clear attempt to politicise events – mean that it would be a dereliction of this blog’s purpose and duty to wait.

Theresa May this morning attempted to blame ‘too much tolerance’ for the attacks last night, in Manchester and on Westminster Bridge and is clearly positioning herself to exploit them in order to restrict civil liberties. A separate article will address her speech in detail.

But as broadcaster Paul Lewis highlighted this morning, May has blocked publication of a report into the funding of terrorism until at least after the election and possibly permanently – because it allegedly focuses on the central role of Saudi Arabia:

Yesterday, before the terror attacks, Home Secretary Amber Rudd appeared at a hustings in Rye with other candidates as part of the contest for the Hastings and Rye seat she occupied as Tory MP until Parliament was dissolved. Rudd faces a challenge by Nicholas Wilson, a man who has spent over a decade campaigning on the issue of alleged corruption involvement banks and the Tories.

Shockingly, Rudd – who, along with May, talks freely of the hatred terrorists hold for Western democracy – attempted to block democratic processes during the hustings by asking the chair to censor her opponents comments about her alleged political and financial links and actions in Saudi Arabia.

And the whole thing was captured on video:

Rudd can clearly be seen scribbling a note as the allegations come out and passing it to the chair, who rings a bell to interrupt and then even attempts to take the microphone away from Wilson – to outrage from the crowd.

The Tories are firm supporters of Saudi Arabia and of Britain’s financial and trade links with that Kingdom. They are very keen to prevent the public hearing about Saudi Arabia’s reported links to ISIS.

And Ms Rudd is clearly very keen to prevent voters in Hastings and Rye hearing about them.

All while Theresa May positions for an assault on our civil liberties, using as a reason attacks by terrorists connected to the same group a report claims the Saudis support.

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  1. Don’t let this issue drop. The Tories have been getting away with lies, corruption and cover-ups for far too long. They must be exposed

  2. Amber Rudd tax haven specialist, now decides what’s said or not said at hustings, deplorable woman I hope she gets voted out at the GE
    #VoteLabour. #ForTheManyNotTheFew

  3. Let us speak honestly and openly here.

    The Conservative Party considers the murder of members of the British public by Saudi inspired and funded Wahhabi terrorists an acceptable price to pay for Saudi oil and Saudi contracts.

    That is the truth of the matter.

    It comes as no surprise whatsoever that the Conservatives wish to hide their murderous deal with these head chopping barbarians.

    Would anyone think they don’t want to win the election?
    Maybe it has something to do with BREXIT “HEY”?

  5. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    Yet another instance of a member of the Tory party censoring our right to know the truth about their dealings with Saudi Arabia – and how it all connects to the terrorist actions last night, and in Manchester!

    Wake up people, before we lose our democracy!

  6. Why do I not have the slightest bit of surprise that terror has happened again before the general election? This situation is dire and it needs to stop a.s.a.p..

  7. Views of Nicholas Wilson’s YouTube video have now gone through 300,000 in just 24 hours. And STILL, the issue remains completely UNREPORTED on any mainstream media TV, Radio channel or newspaper. The two diverging positions on this are becoming sharply polarised.

    It’s the British people, with the help of social media [versus] the State, and the State broadcaster, backed up by the tax avoiding, billionaire-owned Tory Party supporting press and media, which is straining – but still feigning –
    bogus “impartiality”.

  8. Sheryll “I’m really pleased there are foodbanks” Murray, as well.


    That’s her lad laying his hands on that woman, apparently.

    IF he’d tried to have got me to sit down, he’d have been well & truly put on his arse the very moment he even raised a finger at me.

    Sarah Heald – Manchester tory candidate – throwing mic on floor after being asked about hate crime – ‘Accidentally’ of course…


    How long until their anthem becomes ‘Tomorrow belongs to meeee……?’

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