Tories aim to woo UKIP voters – by abandoning policy #GE17

Tory newspaper The Telegraph made a remarkable admission yesterday. Well, several really.

telegraph panic

The paper admitted that:

  • it had played into Labour’s hands by featuring Labour’s leaked manifesto
  • that Labour’s manifesto policies are proving to be hugely popular with the public – even former UKIP supporters
  • that the Tories recognise that their own manifesto has been a disaster
  • that the Tories have lost control of the election and are desperate to ‘wrestle it back’
  • that panic is starting among Tory MPs because of Labour’s surge in the polls

However, the most remarkable is that the Tories think the only way they can win the election (just think about that: from a 24-point lead in polls, the Tories are now talking about the only way they can win) is to abandon the ‘weeds’ of policy in order to woo former UKIP voters – by talking, essentially, ‘pie in the sky’.

The article says:

Conservative strategists have been alarmed at the number of Ukip supporters previously leaning to the Tories who have moved to backing Labour over the policies.

They believe simple [Labour] messages such as taking control of failing railways and sparing all but the richest from paying for a spending splurge has cut through to Ukip votes.

The solution, Tory strategists believe, is to move away from the “weeds” of policy discussion and look at the issue that “sits above” everything – the Brexit negotiations.

One figure said the message would be: “The EU wants to get negotiating 11 days after the general election. Who do you want in there?”

And that’s exactly the question. The Tories just admitted that their policy platform is bankrup, but they’re hoping Theresa May’s image can rescue them – if they stop talking about policies – by appealing to UKIP voters.

That would be the Theresa May who campaigned for a remain vote in the referendum:

You know the one. The one that UKIP doesn’t trust to deliver Brexit.

Here she is being cold-shouldered and humiliated by EU leaders:

That Theresa May – the brittle, remote, arrogant one who snaps under pressure and can’t even remember where she is sometimes:

The bad news for the Tories is that Labour don’t only have the best policies – they have, by miles, the best leader: Jeremy Corbyn.

You know the one. The Jeremy Corbyn who:

  • has faced down rebellious right-wing MPs and a relentless media barrage – without once losing his composure
  • negotiated on behalf of the UK government with armed factions on both sides of the Northern Ireland divide and
  • who easily bested Theresa May in the tricky negotiations of when to resume campaigning after last week’s atrocity in Manchester

That Jeremy Corbyn.

If the Tories think their hope for rescuing their disastrous election campaign is to abandon talk of policy and focus on May-myself-and-I-the-negotiator, they really are in desperate straits – and intellectually bankrupt. They’ve abandoned even the pretence of being a political party (you know, policies, plans and stuff) in favour of trying to fool some people into ignoring the absolutely obvious.

Corbyn outclasses May at every level. Just make sure any UKIP supporters you know see this and the insult to their intelligence that the Tory ‘plan’ represents.

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  1. “has faced down rebellious right-wing MPs and a relentless media barrage – without once losing his composure”

    In fairness, he did do – once. IIRC it was during the first leadership election when he was interviewed on Ch4 news; what’s become the usual tired arl shite about calling terrorists “friends”, if I’m not mistaken.

    Never known it to happen previously, or subsequently. I’ve gotta say, though, for a so-called ‘hippie’ , to see him (almost) ‘lose his rag’ was quite surreal. I’d love him to front that backsliding helmet (trump) with the same attitude

  2. Nobody knows how Brexit will impact the UK economy.

    The benefit of Jeremy Corbyn’s offer to the public is that it will both indemnify the public against a negative outcome, and will increase growth by investing in the UK’s infrastructure should the EU choose to attempt to sabotage the negotiations.

    Jeremy Corbyn has promised to honour the referendum result. He proved as good as his word by imposing a three line whip on Article 50. In addition, the Labour manifesto directly addresses Ukip supporters’ concerns about low wages, the housing crisis and the Tory caused pressures on our NHS, police, border forces and public services.

    Ukip supporters have the option to vote Labour safe in the knowledge that Labour will deliver Brexit as well as investing in the UK to secure the best possible post Brexit future for the country.

  3. Great stuff! Though, I still don’t see why anyone could believe Theresa May will manage to successfully negotiate the nightmare that is Brexit. We’ve already seen how she does ‘negotiate’ – basically issue ultimatums to the rest of the EU and then threaten to pull out of the talks when they (unsurprisingly) don’t like her attitude. Then the Tory Brexit Minister, David Davis, was flatly refusing to pay the EU ‘divorce bill’. Oh yeah, some great signs of effective negotiating skills there … not! Whereas Jeremy Corbyn’s ability in negotiating is very clearly proven.
    But then again, we know full well why May and friends want Brexit negotiations to ‘fail’ – because whilst it’s going to be a disaster for most of us, that ‘failure’ is going to make them a packet.

  4. Deep Down the CON PARTY is hoping they don’t win!
    Hence their manifesto not being costed and attacking the very people that vote for the CONS, the old people, but not me!

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