(Video) Former UK Ambassador to Libya/Iran: Corbyn undeniably right #GE17

The Tories’ attempts to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s speech yesterday on terrorism and security would be funny if they weren’t aimed at keeping them in power to continue to hobble this country.

Some were funny anyway. Boris Johnson called Corbyn’s speech ‘monstrous’ – for saying exactly what Johnson himself had said a few years ago. Pick of the bunch, hapless Defence (I know) Secretary Michael Fallon had a second meltdown hot on the heels of the first one, when Krishnan Guru-Murthy read him Johnson’s words and he attacked them in fake high dudgeon thinking they were Corbyn’s. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

More seriously, Theresa May stood and spouted outright lies – that she knew were outright lies – in front of the leaders of other nations. So far, the Establishment media doesn’t seem to thought this extraordinary behaviour worth pointing out.

But the Tories cannot prevent the dissenting voices carrying huge authority. We’ve already seen that former MI5 head Stella Rimington made exactly the same connections between British actions abroad and the terror threat at home. The best-informed MPs on the subject, those on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, agreed just 8 months ago.

And another voice was heard on the topic on BBC News yesterday: former British Ambassador to Libya and Iran, Sir Richard Dalton:

Those who know, know. The Tories, on the other hand, evade, hide or lie. It’s clear who can be trusted with our nation’s security.

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  1. I have been very suspicious of the Tory Meltdown and deliberate announcements of bad vote losing policies at this time. I am wondering what is on the Brexit horizon?? or is there another nasty surprise looming. hmmmm.

  2. Do we really know the truth about who the UK is currently fighting?
    “Conservative foreign policy has significantly gone underground, using troops and drone strikes in at least seven covert wars – in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. These wars, some of which are illegal, are kept secret since the government knows the public and parliament might oppose overt action. ”

    How many of us knew that Michael Fallon’s MOD offers ‘internal security challenges’ training to some countries with very questionable human rights records? “Egypt, Bahrain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and Turkey”.


    Is it really likely that such government interventions have no impact on security here in the UK?

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