Really hope this creative defacing of Tory posters doesn’t catch on #GE17

It has come to the attention of the SKWAWKBOX that a campaign of defacement of Tory campaign posters has been underway in the Colne Valley constituency. The Tory candidate, Jason McCartney, was until recently the constituency’s MP – and it appears that at least some of his constituents were not enamoured of his performance.

Perhaps quite a few of his constituents, judging by the huge crowds of people who turned out there recently to greet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

.The amendments to the Tory election posters appear to have been the subject of considerable care in colour matching and the scaling of images – and to have been done with the intention of ‘dropping [what their creator considers] a truth-bomb’ on voters:

toryposter 3toryposter 2toryposter 1

This campaign appears to be a variant of the ‘strong and stable my arse’ posters that have been springing up all over London (and elsewhere?):

sas arse.png

But of course, the SKWAWKBOX would never condone vandalism of the Tory party’s campaign materials, even if many would consider it valid comment and that the mere placement of a Tory poster in a street is tantamount to an act of vandalism.

We would certainly not recommend that anyone else do the same in their constituency, although of course any images of similar instances would be of journalistic interest.

Absolutely not. Doing such things might cause the phenomenon to spread. And we wouldn’t want that.

Absolutely not.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    Thanks for letting Joe Public know!

    It’s a fine line between being helpful, with a warning about vandalism, and being a hindrance, by encouraging increased vandalism! I think you’ve made it really clear, to me! Thank you! I will do my best!

  2. Of course, as T said, one should never deface another’s property: even if it is illegal, indecent, weak, unstable and untruthfully misguiding…

    1. Probably have their own custom font – but there are tools online to identify the nearests commercially available font. Hypothetically speaking, of course!

  3. In certain rural areas we are used to massive displays so beloved of Tories who can afford miles of road side posters on friendly farmers lands. Where I live they are looking somewhat denuded, as many posts have disappeared. I certainly have asked people to understand that the defacement or interference with election communications is a serious matter. But then I have no way of knowing if they are being removed by the opposition,or the farmers themselves, as so many vanished the day after manifesto revealed they could lose their heirloom family farms and everything paying for social care.

  4. PS, do we have a colour geek here? Can anyone tell me what the exact pantone number is for that lovely blue?

      1. Well it does mean I will be able to match that for my bathroom, or something…..:-)

      2. C100 M37 Y0 K39 – give or take. The different light in each image gives slightly different results. Have fun decorating 🙂

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