8 MILLION women ‘not certain to vote’ Register by 23.59 #GE17 #HaveYourSay

According to The Fawcett Society, as many as eight million women are not certain whether they’ll vote in the upcoming General Election. EIGHT million.


Let’s put that into context – in 2015 the total number of people who voted in the General Election was thirty million. Another two million Labour votes would easily have resulted in a Labour government and avoided the damage and anguish of the last two years.

Ladies, Theresa May has foolishly gifted you an early chance to kick her out. If she gets back in, she wants to take food out of the mouths of our children, hammer our elderly relatives and – as she has refused to deny – put up VAT, hitting the poorest hardest.


The power on 8 June is in your hands. If you all vote the way polls tell us you want to, Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister on 9 June and this country can become one fit for all of us to live well in.

If you don’t, well – you’ll be handing control of this country back to people who don’t care about the vulnerable, who are incompetent and can’t even lie about it convincingly.

If you’re not registered to vote, you have until one minute before midnight tonight (22 May) to do so here. Even if you’re not sure which party you want to vote for, register today and decide between now and 8 June.

Don’t be deprived of your say. Registering to vote is easy and it costs nothing but a few minutes. Women died a hundred years ago to win this right. Please don’t waste it.

Don’t let yourself spend the next five years and beyond regretting that you didn’t take three minutes to register and another ten to vote.

23.59. Today.

Clock’s ticking – whether to a better future or a worse one is up to you.

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  1. What would I give to be able to vote! As an EU citizen I am sadly not permitted to despite having lived her for 35 years……

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