Same energy cap proposal. Different proposers. Same media, opposite reaction

In the 2015 General Election campaign, Ed Miliband’s Labour proposed a cap on consumer energy prices. In the 2017 General Election campaign, Theresa May’s Tory party is so morally bankrupt and bereft of ideas that they can’t think of a policy and have decided to recycle the Labour energy cap.

The media, of course, are almost entirely in the pocket of the Tories (and vice versa), so the reaction to the same policy is completely reversed:

mail energy.png

When Labour propose a idea, it’s a return to communism – when the Tories propose exactly the same thing, it’s a ‘crackdown on rip-offs’.

The utter bankruptcy of much of the media estate and of the Tories laid bare in a single, clear example.

Bear this in mind whenever you read a headline. They’re not reporting the news – they’re telling you what they want you to think, to protect their interests and not yours.


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  1. We don’t need an energy ‘cap’ we need energy to be a publicly owned utility. People should switch away from the ‘Big Six’ in their droves – support community energy enterprises if you can and see the profits being put back into your community not some corporate’s off-shore bank account.

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