Theresa May tries talking to a human. Doesn’t go well (video) #GE17

After her bizarre flight from local reporters this morning in Cornwall – having locked a number of them in a cupboard – Theresa May, presumably feeling the pressure of Jeremy Corbyn’s much-lauded ease with the public, decided to try meeting some of them.

It didn’t go well.

May can be seen walking awkwardly down the street, trailing minders – again a complete contrast to Corbyn – and turning aside to talk to a human.

She should have known better.

The first human she chooses to talk to – a harmless-looking lady – says to May, in a harmless way:

Prime Minister, Brexit is not the only issue.

This clearly does not compute, as May simply ignores her and walks off. Here’s the video:

The audio quality is not great, but there’s no doubt what was said – as even the BBC’s Tory cheerleader-in-chief Laura Kuenssberg admitted:

lk brexit may.png

If there was any doubt about why May’s keepers have so far kept her well away from actual people except under the most stringently-controlled circumstances, that ended today. The SKWAWKBOX has the feeling it will be a long time before the experiment is repeated – and if it was meant to lessen the gulf in humanity between the PM and her ‘man of the people’ rival, if anything it achieved the exact opposite.

But Lynton Crosby and his team must have been feeling recklessly adventurous today, as they also decided it would be a good idea for Mrs May to be photographed eating human food. She looked like it was the first time she’d ever eaten a chip with her fingers:

may human food.png

In fact, she looks like she’s about to swallow the thing whole, like a seal with a fish. Wait a minute, where have we seen that before? Oh yes:

In fact, of course, Mrs May was in reality laughing at the idea of a ‘sweetheart’ deal with Surrey council when questioned by Corbyn, but clearly laughter is also as alien to her as, well, human beings.

She should have stuck to visiting empty, automated factories. At least she looks at ease in the company of robots.

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  1. Theresa May is the best asset the Labour Party could possibly have hoped for in the campaigns for the GE.

  2. She should know better!
    You can bet she’s never had chips in a cardboard cup, this will devastate the Tory Press not winding up as chip paper the day after!
    What a donk!

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