Theresa May ‘under investigation re Brexit profits’

Theresa May’s woeful start to her General Election campaign – which has seen Labour gain thirteen percentage points in voting intention polls – looks set to become a full-blown disaster.

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Reports are beginning to emerge from multiple sources suggesting that Mrs May is under investigation by the Propriety and Ethics group of the Cabinet Office in connection with an alleged failure to declare an enormous conflict of interest on Brexit related to profits of billions of pounds said to have been made by her husband’s investment-banking company in Brexit-related activities, as these tweets by political commentators suggest:

IF true, this could spell disaster for the Tory General Election campaign and end Mrs May’s political career.

Details are still sketchy but the situation is expected to evolve rapidly and the SKWAWKBOX will bring you more information as soon as possible.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    Oh shit!
    Pry Minister needs to cover this smell up!
    Those toilet loops are needed (Ref. Martin Rowson’s cartoons of May’s necklaces)

  2. oh mMs May always thought you come across the same as the mathews woman, you know the one, had a little teddy on her shoulder, could tell she was lying.

  3. You couldn’t write it….. Good she’s been found out and hopefully will take the rest down with her. Poetic justice. Will Laura Kuennsberg be tearing Tories apart for a change.

  4. I hope this is all true. May, the vicars daughter, seems to be a complete hypocrite.

  5. Copied and pasted this article (with link) into a comment under Martin Rowson’s cartoon about May in the Guardian. Then ZAP! It was removed by a moderator in less than a minute. That might suggest there is some truth in this story.

  6. No wonder she’s only doing closed meetings with only the bussed in faithful present in back of beyond country halls.

  7. its ‘Propriety and Ethics’, not ‘property & ethics’, team of the Cabinet Office

  8. I watched Marr this morning interviewing May pulling her twisted face and mouth! It was fun watching them reading the papers earlier, only one on the panel was saying anything, other than the truth, while the rest were cringing from listening to the truth! Andrew Marr and his bias makes me sick!

  9. What’s new. Most of those in a high position in government think they are above the law & have the metropolitan police of the ‘country of London’ in their pockets.
    The avaricious & pedeophiles have got away with it for years.

    1. What tweets are you talking about? The links to the polling results are in the article ‘Paul’. It’s not rocket science.

    2. That’s the only part that’s definitely true, but I like the way you latched on to that bit

  10. Methodology in my observation has been suspect as the polled information recorded is attached to other surveys and I dont participate in telephone surveys generally. There are many like me who dont trust numbers which we dont recognise on our telephones so dont answer or call these numbers. On rare ocassions there is a response its not likely the call lasts more than 30 secs. How representative of UKs opinions are media polls??? Theyre not worth the money invested by those who commission them.

  11. Please someone tell me this isn’t a joke. ?!
    I hope it’s true… we will see more of the true blue nature of the Elite rabid infested look after number 1 party 😡

      1. Passed this to a dark web mate who can’t find a single mention that doesn’t stem from that one tweet from
        Natalie Rowe.

      2. You’ll find further articles now. Rowe’s was first because she broke it – as a trailer for Byline Media. May’s office had chance to deny she was being investigated – they didn’t, just said she had declared what she needed to. It’s true – your ‘dark web mate’ notwithstanding.

    1. Won’t be the first time that’s been said – and then later is all over the MSM. This blog has a track record of being first, being dismissed, then being proved right.

  12. This will be the beginning of the end of her if it proves to be correct. One other very possible worry for The Conservative Party, how many others who jumped on the bandwagon for Brexit could be involved also in this?

  13. May is a vicar’s daughter and says she prays every night. But how can she be a Christian and a Conservative? Christianity is all about love and caring and shuns wealth and worldliness whilst Tory ideology is the opposite.

  14. these people will bring the country down and at the end of it will walk away with lots of money to do them for the rest of there lifes leaving the country in shreds by rights they should all go too Jail and not get a penny

  15. How many more things have these cones got to do before others smell what they are shovelling? Fraud here fraud there, what next!
    Even doctors are saying vote labour along with loads of their colleagues, like nurses, porters and other professions in the hospitals, it’s all because of the cones selling the NHS off to a firm outside of the uk, if that ever did happen then all the poor ppl would have to buy insurance, which we would not be able to afford!
    Then how about the pensions retirement of us at an age of 66-67-70 this is in there best interests as it would in connection with no hospital to look after us elderly we would start to die earlier, so when the put the 2 together they are trying to kill us of legally!
    We know now what they are up to!!!!!!!!
    From criminals to murderers!!!!!

  16. Unfortunately it sounds very dubious to me. Her husband works for an investment fund, they always conduct business with an eye on what is happening politically, that is their raison d’etre. Unless May has been caught deliberately tailoring Brexit negotiations and policy to favour her husband’s firm, or has been leaking policy to him before enacting it, I can’t see what she could be in trouble for.

  17. Dirty tactics as used in American election. smear campaign to ruin her campaign. Damage done before any investigation. If you can’t win fairly stay out of it.

  18. I’m getting a lot of grief from Bren Tierney and Nick Barnard on Facebook for sharing this post. As someone who does not like being trolled could anyone help me out. Wendy Newman. Thanks.

  19. Thank god! Anything to get rid of this corrupt oligarchical automaton. The press has done a great job of discrediting Corbyn which is great for me because I know they are a lying mouthpiece for the interests of foreign billionaires. Corbyn is a true politician who has followed his heart and the interests of freedom, democracy and equality all his life.

  20. I do really hope this is TRUE. All Tories are interested in is their own wealth. They haven’t a clue how so called Man On The Street has to live. Not one jot. I do hope that if or rather when you find more information, you get it out into the public domain super quickly. Good luck.

  21. An interesting look at what the UK has devovled into under Tory rule.
    When their best platform is, ‘Dont vote for the other guy, he has no experience, there4 cant be trusted” you gotta wonder, do they even have a plan, or do they have a plan they dont want you to know about?

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