30 MPs/others facing prosecution for #Toryelectoral fraud. Why isn’t #31?

As the SKWAWKBOX reported last week, thirty Tory MPs and election agents are facing referral for trial by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over allegations of fraud involving their election expenses. This was announced by the head of communications for Channel 4 News last Tuesday.

The Tory party has already received a record fine from the Electoral Commission for its involvement in the breaches, but the MPs and their election agents face the possibility of serious criminal prosecution.

record fine expenses c4

The knowledge of the impending prosecutions – more than enough to potentially cost the Tories their parliamentary majority – may well have played a significant role in Theresa May’s decision to call an election she had promised would not happen.

C4 and others are now asking what will happen to the prosecutions given that the General Election campaign will be underway when the clock runs out on the process. But there is a further question to be answered that is vital to the public interest:

Why aren’t there (at least) thirty-one?

in 2015, Weaver Vale Tory MP Graham Evans was a beneficiary of the Tory ‘battle bus’ and associated campaign. He did not, according to Channel 4 and other news media, declare any of the cost as part of his local campaign expenses. According to Channel 4, doing so would have taken him over his legal spending limit:

graham evans over cap

In this – as with the other 30 MPs and election agents – he is alleged to have broken the law.

evans cc.png
Graham Evans MP and the Cheshire Constabulary logo

In this respect, he appears to be no different from the 30 Tories that are facing prosecution – and in fact, he was one of the MPs named specifically in Channel 4’s original announcement of the police investigation into Tory election expenditure and reporting.

In interviews published back in 2015, a Conservative publication inadvertently revealed that the Tories were fully aware that their spending on the ‘battle bus’ and the campaigners who accompanied it were absolutely targeted on specific seats and supporting specific candidates – a ‘smoking gun‘ that showed the falsehood of later Tory claims that they thought the expenses were national and not local.

A number of police forces – and subsequently the CPS – clearly agreed, hence the referrals for prosecution.

But Cheshire Police – looking at the same circumstances that have triggered CPS involvement in all 30 other cases – appear to have decided not even to refer the Evans matter to the CPS for consideration.

A Weaver Vale constituent took issue with the Cheshire Police’s lack of enthusiasm in pursuing a situation that is being treated with universal seriousness by other forces and wrote to Channel 4 News:


  1. The stench of corruption wafting from the Tory Party is becoming more and more repugnant.

    It is clear that this individual is being protected.

    As I understand it both he and the member of Cheshire police force who decided not to proceed with this criminal case are both Freemasons.

    It would appear that not only is the Tory Party guilty of corrupting our democratic process, it is also culpable of corrupting our law enforcement agencies.

  2. Let’s not forget that the authoritarian May wants to curtail the FoI Act too, under her re-writing of laws.

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