CPS ’30+ prosecutions for #Toryelectoralfraud’ – reason for ‘snap’ #GE2017?


Last night, Channel 4 News’ Head of Communications announced that the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) – police have already been investigating around thirty alleged cases of electoral fraud by Tory MPs and electoral agents – are looking at commencing prosecutions against ‘over 30’ individuals:

cps 30

The SKWAWKBOX has shown a number of ‘smoking guns’ in which the Tories’ own words appear to indicate that they knew their spending on their ‘battle bus’ and special campaign measures targeting key seats were local expenditure and not national, which pushed their spending over the legal limit for local campaign spending – and that ‘intent’ in any case is not a factor in the illegality of such actions.

It seems the police and CPS agreed.

The decisions on the prosecutions are due within a few weeks, although Channel 4’s Michael Crick wondered aloud whether the General Election announcment might cause the CPS difficulty in proceeding:

There is, of course, absolutely no justification for allowing deadlines for criminal prosecutions to expire simply because Theresa May decided to call a ‘snap’ General Election – but the mere possibility raises serious questions about her motivations for doing so and this should not be allowed to escape voters’ attention.

If the prosecutions went ahead, then the numbers involved would effectively or actually end the Tories’ majority in Parliament – and must surely result in the annulment of the 2015 results in those seats and a flood of by-elections.

If Mrs May has tried to circumvent proper legal processes by her election call, she deserves to suffer the consequences of that.

Not least at the ballot box.

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  1. The Tories always put their own Party interests before those of the country (the referendum was an infamous example). Why should the forthcoming general election be any different?

  2. As May said today at QT when asked, “I will stand by my politicians no matter what”
    Pick the bones outta that May!
    When you CRASH and BURN!

  3. Nothing democratic about our electoral system the tories seem to have things sewn up. Even when their crimes are proven they get away with things. The election should not have been allowed to go ahead until the result of the investigation was known and then any mp found guilty not allowed to stand for re-election.

  4. If legal process decides that the Conservatives majority in Parliament was obtained illegally would it invalidate actions like the EU Referendum result or any other legislation passed by their illegally installed Government? Would Conservative MPs elected illegally be able to reapply for re-election or would their criminal record bar them from public office?

    1. Believe the sentence has to be a year or more to disqualify an MP. As for the other things, you’d think so but it’s hard to imagine rolling all that back.

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